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ELLE Fashion Editor Sarah Zendejas and Birkenstock Provide Your Guide to Spring Style

Come spring, your wardrobe is ready for a refresh, even if all you want to do is relax. But don’t get anxious searching for new styles. Seasonal dressing can be simple and easy, like your favorite pair of sandals—which are also getting an update this spring.

The Birkenstock Arizona—yes, that one—has always been a pretty low-key, crazy comfortable shoe. It’s simple and sturdy: that’s the appeal. This spring, however, the 240-year-old brand decided that their classic could use a reboot. Don’t worry—that cushiony cork footbed remains. As do the velvety nubuck leather straps. But you’ll be surprised by these Birks’ flashy new hardware. The Big Buckle allows us to offer a fresh perspective and have fun with a little footwear ‘bling’ without compromising on our original, authentic footbed,” said Jacqueline Van Dine, Birkenstock VP of Merchandising, about the new Arizona Big Buckle. “So you get a little sizzle with all the benefits of underfoot support and comfort.” That bit of flash caught our attention, as well as that of Elle Senior Fashion Editor Sarah Zendejas. “The larger buckle elevates the shoe, with curved edges of silver and gold hardware, and the polished gleam of metal complements the leather perfectly,” Sarah said. As a tribute to their new favorite spring sandals, she and her team at Elle put together five perfectly relaxed ways to wear the sparkly new Arizona.


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How to Make An Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

We peruse Pinterest with the furrowed brow and unshakeable cynicism of one ungifted at arts and crafts. Truly, we’ve hot-glued our fingers together more times than we can count on those sticky digits. Plus, who has time to experiment with handcrafting wrapping paper or blending teas when the holidays come around? Not us.

And yet … those personal touches are what make the season so special. Luckily, our friends suggested this simple centerpiece (they really get us) to give our Thanksgiving table a homemade but modern touch. In seven short steps, we made a masterpiece.


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Zella in Your Corner: 3 Basic Boxing Drills to Know Before You Get in the Ring

This October, Zella observes 10 years in the activewear industry. To get into the celebratory swing of things, the Nordstrom-exclusive brand is honoring the occasion with a special capsule collection dedicated to a burgeoning sport with some serious fighting spirit: women’s boxing.

While female competitors have been throwing punches since at least the 18th century, boxing has been largely considered a macho, male-dominated sport for most of its history. Even today, physical aggression is seen as a man’s specialty, despite female fighting phenoms like Claressa Shields and Cecilia Braekhus making regular ESPN headlines. But the world of women’s boxing is only ramping up—and we’re hoping this new collection inspires a few more million-dollar babies out there.

For one, it delivers a full-body workout that tones almost every muscle and incinerates up to 900 calories an hour. (That’s twice as many calories as your average foray on the elliptical machine.) Boxing’s inherently short bursts of extreme cardio are proven to burn more fat than a steady-going cardio session and continue to burn calories post-workout. It’s also incredibly empowering and fun. When you’re punching bags and lifting weights in fast and furious drills, your endorphins are cranked to 11. You’re building strength, honing hand-eye coordination and learning practical self-defense skills. You’re firing on all cylinders, pummeling the day’s stresses away.

Not into human combat? No problem! In fact, most boxing students never step into the ring. Some don’t even spar (when two people practice fighting against each other). It’s a choose-your-own-intensity sport where you control the level of involvement. What matters is you’re getting your heart rate up, working muscles head to toe and managing stress in a healthy way.


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How to Layer This Fall: Cozy and Cool Styling Tips

Even the fashion faithful get chilly. It’s true: no amount of style sense can insulate you from dropping temps. Dressing with flair for the weather is a skill that takes more know-how than how to knot a scarf. Fortunately, we’ve been carefully observing how our favorite fashion folks bundle up and have picked up a few tricks to prepare for coming cold fronts.

The big takeaway: layer on these key pieces, and be prepared to shrug off your jacket when the street-style paparazzi descend.


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Golden Girl Vanessa Mooney on How to Make a Choker and How to Wear It, Oh So Sexily

Some things are just too hot to keep in stock. That’s been our observation with Vanessa Mooney’s jewelry. Since we started carrying this California girl’s ’90s-inspired creations, we couldn’t help but notice how quickly they sell out. Attribute it to the resurgence of the choker necklace or the prevalence of body jewelry on the festival scene. Whatever the reason, Mooney’s mesmerizing amulets seem to suit the present moment perfectly, with all its influences.

Vanessa Mooney fall collection

We had the pleasure of speaking to Ms. Mooney about how Jennifer Lopez discovered her, her famous relative, her personal style and why chokers are back in style. Then she showed us how to make a fashionable bauble of our own, since hers can be so hard to come by.


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How To Highlight and Contour with Foundation to Sculpt and Define Your Face | Beauty on Set

How to contour and highlight your face with makeup.

Contouring. It’s one of the things that seems to confuse people the most, based on what we always hear. For a beginner, it’s no wonder why, if you’ve seen those tutorials out there that have you start out with crazy colors all over your face and then blend-blend-blend until your arm falls off. Or other how-tos, which have you messing with powders that can be easy to overdo when you’re first trying it out. There’s an easier, better way.

Contouring is all about using light tricks to add definition to your facial structure right where you want it—and it’s also all about being subtle. Contouring with foundation is a genius technique that has been used by pros on photo shoots for years. Read on for our simple tips to get an understated and beautiful contoured look for day.

How to contour and highlight your face with makeup for dark skin tones.


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Beauty How-To: Four Best Ways to Apply Mascara for Longer, Separated, Perfect Eyelashes

How to apply perfect mascara four ways.

Did you know that the way you hold your mascara wand when applying mascara can dramatically change the shape and size of your eyes? That tidbit from one of our favorite makeup mavens is one reason we always take note when Charlotte Tilbury has something to say. And that’s not all: She’s sharing her how-to tips and tricks for using mascara to create four different looks that open up, define, elongate and intensify your eyes.

For best results, Charlotte recommends her ultimate mascara duo to create the looks. For daytime, apply her bestselling Full Fat Lashes for everyday lash enhancement. A 5-in-1 mascara (curl, separation, volume, length and drama), it coats every lash and pushes them up and outward. Charlotte refers to it as “the push-up bra for your lashes!” For nighttime, dial it up by layering on Charlotte’s newest creation, Legendary Lashes. This mascara was born on the red carpet and inspired by legendary starlets and supermodels. It gives you an instant Hollywood false-lash effect for immediate glamour. With an elastic formula and multi-bristle flutter brush, it promises to deliver 13 times more volume after just three applications!