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Karlie Kloss and Christy Turlington Burns Are Extraordinary Women—but We Already Knew That

What good are expensive pumps with a broken heel? We like our style with substance. The same goes for our fashion icons: women who are merely pretty without purpose can’t reach the status of role model, even if they are supermodels. That’s why uber-models Karlie Kloss and Christy Turlington Burns are in a class of their own. Each lady founded an organization dedicated to bettering the lives of women. Christy is the founder of Every Mother Counts, an international nonprofit that helps provide skilled health care for moms-to-be and their infants. As the founder of Kode with Klossy, Karlie offers coding summer camps and scholarships for young women, with the hope of lessening the tech gender gap.

There really couldn’t be two better spokeswomen for Cole Haan’s “Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Stories” fall campaign, an exploration of the impact of our relationships and actions in the world.


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Pop-in@Nordstrom x Hanes Chats with Dean the Basset (via Assistant Carly Bright)


It’s a dog’s life. At least on Instagram, where social-media sensation Dean the Basset has racked up 200,000 followers at the tender age of three (hey, that’s 21 in dog years!). With a penchant for pizza and comfy tees, turns out this cool Canadian canine is just like the rest of us.

We interviewed him recently on his new role in fashion, his future ambitions and his close friendship with Olivia Kim, our VP of Creative Projects and curator of the Pop-In shops.

Catch Our Full Q&A with Dean

Via Spiga Delaney Interviews Style

Via Spiga’s New Styles Nod to Its ’80s Legacy

Scotswoman-turned-New Yorker Carla De Freitas just took the creative reins of Via Spiga, a shoe company famed for its Italian style. This move gave both Freitas and Via Spiga a chance to regain their footing in the passions of their past. For Via Spiga, that was a return to the old country. For Freitas, it meant revisiting the technical fabrics and shapes that first attracted her to footwear.

“When I took over as creative director, I really thought about the history of the brand. It launched in Italy, and I thought about its namesake fashion street, Via Spiga. And I thought it had to go back to Italy,” the onetime footwear designer for Topshop, Alexander Wang and Vince explains. And so they did. In fact, they went back to the same factory where the brand had first launched 35 years ago, where Freitas found a book of old Via Spiga designs that guided the direction of the  brand’s fall collection.


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Maje’s Judith Milgrom Designs for All the Women You Are

In the morning you’re Mom or Wifey or, usually, running late. In the afternoon you’re the boss—even if you’ve not quite risen to that status on the org chart. In the evening you might be a dinner companion or the cook or (a lucky) someone’s date. No matter the day, you’re never just one role. Which is why, most mornings, getting dressed is tricky.

Maje founder Judith Milgrom instinctively understands this. That’s why we’re thrilled to be carrying the Parisian label’s fall 2017 collection at Nordstrom. Trust us, playing all your parts will be so much easier when dressed in these contemporary, feminine styles.


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Behind the Brand: The Veronica Beards on Their New (Extremely Flattering) Denim Collection

Families aren’t always formed by genetics and upbringing. Sometimes they develop through shared affinities, creating non-biological kinships—families forged by bond, not by blood.

For sisters-in-law Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard, founders of their mutually eponymous label Veronica Beard, that connection arose through a common love of fashion, specifically American sportswear—and that they married brothers.

We recently spoke with the designers about their new denim collection. Seems they share a love of good jeans, if not genes.


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Sandro Founder Evelyne Chetrite Has the Definitive Answer on How to Dress Parisian

Perhaps no other culture holds such coveted fashion appeal. “How to dress like a French woman” is a directive topic in many glossies. And while unanimous opinion has it that Gaulish gals always look put together yet effortless, it’s ironic that the world strives to emulate what comes to them so easily.

Sandro founder Evelyne Chetrite helped us put our finger on just what it is about French style that’s so desirable. Through both her chic example and our conversation, we now understand that our attempt to look French is so not, well, French. According to Chetrite, the secret is: don’t try too hard, but maybe put on some pearls à la Prince.


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Behind the Brand: A.L.C. Founder Andrea Lieberman Wants All Clothes to Feel as Easy as a T-shirt

It’s pretty clear pretty quickly that A.L.C. founder and creative director Andrea Lieberman is what you might call a cool chick. She likes music—mostly hip-hop and reggae. She runs her own business. She digs—and designs—clothes that are confident, relaxed and modern.

We briefly spoke with Andrea about her design principles and the brand that bears her name—well, her initials.


Amy Smilovic Interviews Style Video

Behind the Brand: Tibi Founder Amy Smilovic Designs Clothes That Make Women Feel Powerful

Any working woman not already familiar with the label Tibi is at a serious professional disadvantage. Amy Smilovic’s line of sophisticated, modern styles could be our uniform—and we wouldn’t mind a bit. The designer understands what women need to feel empowered; it dates back to her first splurge on a DKNY power suit.

Hear about her design ethos and what excites her about the next generation of customers in the video below.


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Big Facts with Luka Sabbat

Luka Sabbat has taken the fashion world by storm these past few years as a model, stylist, tastemaker and all-around creative person. So it wasn’t enough for us to simply shoot photos for our men’s trend campaign. We had to sit down with the man and have a proper conversation.

Read our interview to find out his views on the title “influencer” (often used to describe him), what he’s listening to, his emerging brand/not-brand Hot Mess and where he sees himself at 40 years old—which still seems light years away when you’re 19.

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Fashion Week Interviews Men’s Fashion Style

CEO of the CFDA Steven Kolb on New York Fashion Week: Men’s, the Difference Between Fashion and Art, and Getting Used to Athleisure

Fashion week, at the risk of explaining what you already know, is when our buyers fly to Paris, Milan, London and New York for the purpose of previewing collections and placing orders. After careful consideration during runway shows and in private showrooms, they make decisions about what you’ll see eight months later as our designer selection.  

With the European fashion weeks just finished, right now all eyes are on New York Fashion Week: Men’s—the new kid on the block as far as standalone men’s weeks, in its fifth season. We’re hyped to bring you on-the-ground coverage of shows, presentations and events. And to set it off, an interview with Steven Kolb.

Kolb is the CEO of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which maintains the schedule for NYFW:M. Few people think about fashion at such a high level, and he’s always great to connect with about the big picture.

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