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Men’s Trends to Watch from Nordstrom Buying Director Jorge Valls

As gentlemen continue to venture further into the fashion avant-garde, styles shift from commercially driven monotonous dress shirts and trousers to artistic self-expression with an almost-anything-goes flair—that’s almost anything.

Nordstrom Men’s Buying Director Jorge Valls knows there is a lot to be excited about in men’s fashion. Beyond New York Fashion Week trends—which he predicts will be centered around ’90s street style and fine tailoring—Valls has his sights set on the grand opening of Nordstrom’s standalone New York men’s store this spring, for which he curated a diverse collection of the most exciting names in menswear.

In an interview for the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), which appears in “Words with Fashion Friends,” Valls shares which shows excite him most this season and hints at what’s in store for the highly anticipated Nordstrom Manhattan flagship store just before men’s week gets going in New York!


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The Big Ideas of NYFW:M, with Buying Director Jorge Valls

Now that New York Fashion Week: Men’s is over, let’s break it down. What was it? What did it all mean?

But first check out these bosses: That’s our men’s buying director Jorge Valls on the left with Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA, the organizer of NYFW:M. Twice a year, these men work together to bring you the future of fashion.

And spring 2018, the season that just showed, was exciting for several reasons—not least of which is that it will hit the floor at the same time as we open our first standalone men’s store in Manhattan.

What will that moment in men’s fashion look like? Here are Jorge’s major takeaways after seeing collections from many of the hottest brands on the planet.

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The Art of the Showroom: wings + horns and Reigning Champ SS 18

Many NYFW:M brands use runway shows and presentations for artistic displays, then have business meetings with our buyers in straightforward showrooms. This year the Canadian powerhouse of wings + horns (designer brand) and Reigning Champ (sport brand) put all its eggs in the showroom basket.

That turned out to be a wise move, because they curated an art exhibit that will stick in our buyers’ minds for a long time. With tall white walls, a blackened Hawaiian forest, and a 3-D Reigning Champ logo that morphed as you walked around it, being there felt like being on another planet—a nearly monochromatic, sporty, severe version of Earth.

The occasion? Reigning Champ’s 10-year anniversary. But also, the brands’ designer, Tung Vo, is a detail-obsessed creator of worlds. Given the chance to wild out—the CEO said it was OK—he went all the way in.

Check out the clothes below and get into the artwork. We interviewed artist Andrew Dadson about his piece, “Black Plants.”

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