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Paris Fashion Week S/S 2016: Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21eme Looks at Ann Demeulemeester

I found myself taking in Ann Demeulemeester‘s spring ’16 showing across the runway from venerated street-style documentarian Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21ème, a longtime fan of what began as an eponymous line and is now in the hands of designer Sébastien Meunier.

adam_katz_le21emeAnn Demeulemeester spring 2016 runway by Adam Katz Sinding

I watched Katz Sinding taking pictures from his seat and afterward, I asked him if he’d mind sharing some of them with us here—as well as his perspective on the season’s dark birds of paradise.

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Topshop Unique Does the Modern Era at the Tate, Le 21eme Photographer Adam Katz Sinding is #NeverNotWorking & the Most Innovative and Effective Presentation We’ve Seen Yet

Fashion Week Journal for Sunday, February 22

See those brown velvet overalls? The baby blue corduroy trousers? The miniskirt? Those looks are not a throwback.

Sure, you’ve seen and heard a lot about the ’70s over the past (almost) two weeks, but backstage after yesterday’s star-studded show at the Tate BritainTopshop Unique Creative Director Kate Phelan told me she’s not going retro, she’s encouraging a sort of reference-free way of dressing that favors personal perspective over time and place.

topshop diptych 1

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Caroline Issa Might Be the World’s Most Stylish Woman

It’s just a theory, but we think it’s a pretty good one. And if it’s true—if we prove it right here and now—that makes the upcoming Nordstrom Signature x Caroline Issa collection that much more exciting.

Our evidence is visual, of course, and it comes from some of our favorite street-style photographers. That the editor and up-and-coming designer is such a darling of urban image hunters is its own kind of testimony, but more importantly, our case rests on the expert juxtaposition of tough and ladylike (hello, biker jacket mixed with floral prints!), color and pattern (plaid forever!), and shape, shape, shape (cocoon coats and culottes!).

You’re hereby invited to see for yourself.

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