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Creamy Chicken Pot Pie Soup Recipe | What’s Cooking

Homemade chicken pot pie soup recipe from scratch from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.

I came across this recipe in our Family Table Cookbook about a year ago, and it has been beckoning me ever since. Now that I’ve made it, I only wish I would have tried it back then. This is one of the most comforting, homey and familiar soups I’ve ever made at home—and one of the easiest; I need more of it in my life.

Our recipe starts by simmering aromatics with bone-in skin-on chicken breasts in chicken stock to impart maximum flavor into the base broth and the chicken breasts, which then get cooled and shredded. All the usual goodies you’d expect to find under the crust of a chicken pot pie—mushrooms, potatoes, onions, carrots and celery—are sautéed before simmering in the enriched broth. Rather than adding flour to the vegetable sautée directly, our recipe makes use of a beurre manié (a paste of butter and flour) which is an old-school French technique for easily thickening that avoids lumps and adds a final note of richness to this luscious soup. This recipe is a star on its own, but we advise gilding the lily by serving it alongside a quick batch of our flaky Rosemary Buttermilk Biscuits.

Homemade chicken pot pie soup recipe from scratch from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.


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Roasted Pineapple with Vanilla Bean Spikes and Caramel (And an Infused-Vodka Bonus) | What’s Cooking

Roasted Pineapple Dessert Recipe with Vanilla Bean Spikes and Caramel Glaze from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.

As I was thumbing through our Nordstrom Cookbooks looking for potential recipes to share, I stumbled across this crazy stunner. At first, I thought it looked like a kind of atomic centerpiece I’d imagine you could have seen at at ’50s cocktail party, sitting next to some sort of bright green, molded gelatin salad brimming with olives and tuna. I was hooked—at least on the mid-century cocktail party part. And then I thought a little more. Studding a pineapple with vanilla beans and roasting it in an oven until tender while periodically basting it with caramel really couldn’t be a bad idea, no matter the era.


Turns out, it definitely isn’t. Roasting the pineapple concentrates its flavor while bringing out its sweetness…along with a little help from that creamy caramel. Basting while cooking ensures it doesn’t dry out, and also distributes those beautiful vanilla-bean-seed specks all over the surface. This is something you present before serving to ensure maximum oohs and ahhs, and then we recommend serving the carved, roasted pineapple on a couple scoops of vanilla bean ice cream topped with a generous drizzle of the vanilla-caramel pan juices.

It takes a little finessing to carve out the ‘eyes’ of the pineapple to achieve those impressive swirling grooves, but it’s worth the fuss–and also provides more surface area and basting channels to facilitate maximum caramelization and flavor. While a great pineapple is easy and inexpensive to get your hands on, vanilla beans can be more of a splurge. To extend their life, keep reading to the very end: our chefs offer up a genius way to make use of the roasted beans with a delicious vanilla-pineapple-infused vodka recipe (fancy tropical adult beverages!), which lasts for months.

Roasted Pineapple Dessert Recipe with Vanilla Bean Spikes and Caramel Glaze from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.


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Crimini Mushroom Flatbread Pizza Recipe with Grilled Green Onions and Tuscan Herbs | What’s Cooking


Take your relationship with pizza to the next level and try this herby, cheesy, thin-crust flatbread. In this version—popular at our Nordstrom Bistro and Bazille locations—roasted garlic oil gets topped with four different cheeses, which blanket smoky grilled green onions and roasted mushrooms tossed in parsley, rosemary and thyme. It’s fun enough to make together as a meal with the family, and sophisticated enough to hold its own as an hors d’oeuvre at a cocktail party.

I’ve been looking for a delicious homemade pizza dough recipe, and this one fits the bill. Something else I love, our recipe calls for par-baking the rolled-out dough. This step firms it up enough to make transferring the assembled flatbread onto a pizza stone a lot less hazardous to the stability of your in-the-kitchen mental health. Or maybe I’m the only one who has shimmied a limp homemade pizza dough and all its beautifully arranged toppings off my peel and right onto the open oven door. Grilling the green onions may seem like an unnecessary addition, but it really does give them (and the flatbread pizza) a great flavor that makes getting out a grill pan worth it.




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Classic French Onion Soup Recipe | What’s Cooking


Alors! Leave it to those clever French to find a way to throw a bunch of nothing-special onions in a pot, add some stock, stale bread and a bit of cheese and have the results magically turn out full of rich, refined flavor that you never want to stop putting in your mouth. French onion soup has an air of sophistication that makes it seem impossibly hard to make. But really this is an easy, old peasant’s dish (the most delicious ones often are), and if you’ve got the patience to stir a pot of thinly sliced onions for about 30 minutes, then you’ve got all the sophistication it takes to create this classic soup.

If you want to serve this recipe as a first course at a party, complete step one a day ahead, then just reheat it on the stove before moving on to step two. For best results, take your time with the onions over medium heat; much like the French, they don’t like to be rushed. And slice them pole to pole, as opposed to across the equator—you’ll get a less stringy finished product.



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Nordstrom Tomato Basil Soup Recipe with Parmesan-Garlic Crostini | What’s Cooking

Nordstrom Tomato Basil Soup Recipe. Photo by Jeff Powell.

Nordstrom Tomato Basil Soup: it’s our most asked-for recipe and our most-ordered dish. Of course, you’re always welcome to stop in at one of our restaurants for a warm bowl, but this soup is super easy to make at home. It takes under an hour, mostly unattended.

What’s our secret? High-quality ingredients (like Italian-style San Marzano tomatoes), a handful of carrots for sweetness, some heavy cream for a velvety texture and both dried and fresh basil for added complexity. Place one of our Parmesan-Garlic Crostini on the side (both recipes included after the jump), and you’ve got a homey-but-elegant lunch or first course. For an alternative garnish, try our recipe for Focaccia Bread with Olive Oil and Rosemary.

Tomatoes and basil for soup recipe.


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Maple Apple Cobbler Recipe with Buttermilk and Rolled Oats | What’s Cooking

Easy Apple Crumble Recipe from Nordstrom with Rolled Oats and Buttermilk. Photo by Jeff Powell.Apple crisp, apple cobbler, apple Betty: these are all basically the same concept—unified by spiced apples and a buttery baked top. Whatever you call it, it is perfect for fall, is one of the easiest baked dessert recipes and has the warm, homey qualities of an apple pie without any futzing with a pie crust. Our version combines all the right pie spices with a tender, caramelized filling capped by a craggy, buttermilk and rolled oat crisp. Bonus, it can also be made up to two days in advance (see Editor’s Note).

At the restaurants where we offer this Maple Apple Cobbler, we serve it in personal-sized ramekins. It’s a more refined presentation, especially for entertaining. I used these adorable 8-ounce Le Creuset Mini Cocottes, but you could bake it all in a 7-by-11-inch baking dish (or anything with at least a 10-cup capacity).

When our Restaurants Team first sent me this recipe, I read the title as, “Maple Bacon Apple Cobbler.” Wishful thinking, I thought on a second read. Then I decided to go rogue. I crisped up some bacon, let it cool and then pulsed the browned bacon in a food processor until it was the size of small, salty, delicious sprinkles. After drizzling the vanilla bean gelato with maple syrup, instead of sea salt, I topped the final dish with my homemade bacon bits (pictured at the end). I was not disappointed. Loyal friend that it is, bacon never lets you down. Neither will this recipe, no matter how you finish it.

Le Creuset Mini Cocottes Dutch Oven Desserts. Photo by Jeff Powell.

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Chicken Paillard Pasta Recipe with Garlic Tomato and White Wine-Butter Sauces | What’s Cooking

Sauteed chicken dinner recipe covered with an easy Italian tomato and flavorful white wine-butter sauce atop angel hair pasta. Nordstrom Recipe, photo by Jeff Powell.

Two delicious sauces form an unlikely duo in this dish that straddles the border between Italy and France. On the Italian side, a classic combo of tomatoes, basil and lots of garlic is simmered briefly to create a rustically chunky sauce that couldn’t be easier. It’s my new go-to for a quick pasta sauce that doesn’t cook out the fresh flavors of good-quality tomatoes. Representing France, shallots and thyme bathe in a super reduction of dry white wine. After straining, butter (enough to make Julia Child proud) gets whisked in to form an emulsified beurre blanc sauce that’s amped up with rosemary and our Roasted Garlic.

Chicken paillard—a ye-olde chef-y term for meat that is pounded thin—is tender and cooks in no time. To finish, the breasts get smothered in the tomato sauce with oyster mushrooms and spinach, and it’s all served on top of warm angel-hair pasta with the velvety white wine–butter sauce spooned at the side. Flavor-layered, completely satisfying and easy enough for a weeknight, there is nothing about this dish that disappoints.

Easy Italian tomato sauce with garlic, tomatoes and basil. Photo by Jeff Powell.

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Crispy Seasoned Fried Chicken Recipe | What’s Cooking

Extra Crispy Seasoned Fried Chicken Recipe with Honey Chipotle Glaze from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell

Fried chicken. Yes, please! It’s perfect hot or cold–which makes it one of the best picnic recipe ideas. There are a lot of secrets to crispy skin and flavorful meat out there; here’s Nordstrom Sixth & Pine Restaurant’s for mouthwatering results: a double dredge in heavily seasoned flour with a good, long wait in between to let the herbs and spices make their way into the pieces before frying. The sweet and spicy honey chipotle dip adds a modern twist to this classic. Pair it with our Deviled Egg Potato Salad for a lunch, dinner or picnic that’s perfect for summer.Extra Crispy Seasoned Fried Chicken Recipe with Honey Chipotle Glaze from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell

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Creamy Deviled Egg Potato Salad Recipe | What’s Cooking

Creamy Deviled Egg Potato Salad recipe from Nordstrom with mustard, pickles and eggs. Photo by Jeff Powell.

This is the kind of recipe that I especially love. Yes, because deviled eggs are having a comeback moment and this classic salad is delicious—creamy, tangy and punctuated by the crisp texture of diced celery and onion—but more so because it brought back memories and offers a strong foundation that can be built on. After I made it at home, this creamy potato salad with eggs, mustard and pickles (served at our Sixth & Pine restaurants) took me right back to my grandmother’s kitchen and her famous egg salad.

This is the kind of recipe you pass down the family line and are asked to share at barbecues and picnics. It’s the kind of recipe to which each new cook adds a special spin making it her own. After my first taste, I added my grandmother’s secret egg salad ingredient—and I don’t think she’d mind me sharing. It took me years to pry it out of my sister, who was one of the only people my grandmother divulged her winning ingredient to: apple cider vinegar. Simple, but what a difference it makes to the memories on my palette.


While this classic potato salad with mustard and egg is perfectly flavored and balanced as is, there are so many different ways you could adjust it for a personalized touch: adding bacon (of course), scallions and cucumber, blue cheese with hot sauce for a Buffalo-style twist, shrimp with capers and parsley, harissa, scallions with dill and lox, paprika and chorizo … the list goes on. Make this recipe for your next summer gathering, and feel free to make it your own.

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