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Get into Gear: Introducing Suicoke Sport Sandals

If you need more proof that sport sandals have hiked out of the backcountry and into the mainstream, look no further than Japanese cult brand Suicoke. This quirky, anonymous collective initially specialized in Russian nesting dolls (featuring characters like the Grim Reaper), but soon transitioned into footwear—with spectacular results. A partnership with legendary Italian rubber manufacturer Vibram has resulted in rugged, stylish sandals beloved of hypebeasts and fashionistas alike.


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Fall Trend Report: ’70s California


If you happen to see a cool-dude, West Coast kinda guy from 1975 floating around the streets of current-day Brooklyn, he’s pulling off one of the hotter trends this season: ’70s California. This is a style you can master easily and that looks good on all ages and sizes.

Keys to making it click: wear red, white and blue (and sometimes green—military flair works well here). Drench yourself in denim. Shearling should be your jacket type; bomber works as well. Your button-ups should include flannels, plaids and Western shirts. And for your shoes: high-tops. Converse All Stars are perfect.

That’s it. This is a look that’s about sincere appreciation of authentic brands like Levi’s and recognizing that a lot of what we do now, people did in the ’70s, only better. Don’t overthink it and you won’t mess it up!

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Fall Trend Report: Monochrome Dressing

Struggling with what to wear? Don’t know what to pair with that shirt? Some simple advice and some pre-K knowledge of color can get you out the door in style. Monochrome dressing isn’t as dull as it sounds. Really, it’s a simple tactic for looking pulled together. And one needn’t look goth or like you’re wearing scrubs. But there are a few key tips to keep in mind when playing in one palette.


  1. Your shoes do not need to match the other elements of your outfit in order to fit in. Ideally they will be a tone complementary to the rest of the look. White sneakers go great with just about any shade of clothing, black included.


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Fall Trend Report: the Bomber Jacket


Good trends don’t die. They endure, season after season, year after year. Sometimes they come back more developed, as in the case of the World War I flyboy uniform and early ’90s outerwear staple, the bomber jacket.

The style returned in a big way two years ago when it landed on the runways of Balmain, Salvatore Ferragamo and Phillip Lim. We haven’t seen the bomber craze wane since. Truthfully, we kind of hope it never goes off our radar again.

So here is our ode, in pictures, to a truly great jacket and some tips, in words, on how to wear one.


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Suit Yourself: Wearing an Off-the-Rack Suit for an Occasion (Like a Wedding or Prom)

Topman suits for weddings and proms
Prom and wedding season happen in proximity to each other on the calendar, but—hopefully—they occur at very different periods in a man’s life. Even so, there are a couple of things these occasions share:

  1. There will be dancing.
  2. You should try to look your best.
  3. You should probably wear a suit.

Whether this is the first time you’ll be suiting up or if you’re looking to update your usual wedding attire, here are a couple of styling and fit pointers to make off-the-rack suits look off the hook.

Suiting rules and styles are constantly evolving—thankfully, or we’d all be wearing knee breeches and tails. Even if you’re not in the market for a new suit, you might make an honest assessment of your suiting staples to see if they abide by these guidelines.


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How to Layer for Spring: Color Coordination

How to layer for spring? Nordstrom Senior Stylist Jodi Taylor has the answers.


Images by Nordstrom art directors Bobby Kelly and Kari Pearson

Modeling/frontside shuvit by BenadriLL

This layering situation is about color. It’s definitely cool to focus on one color in your outfit, but it’s also important to break it up so you don’t look like you work at a hospital. In this ‘fit the stripes break up the all-blue outfit. So does the white undershirt. Undershirts are underrated. They can be visually crucial, especially when you use them strategically to play with or against another color. Here, the undershirt references the white socks and white shoes. The silver accessory, the dog tag, I included because this outfit was feeling Navy-esque.

–Jodi Taylor

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Click here to see the outfit in 360 degrees

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3 Ways to Wear Jogger Pants

how to wear jogger pants feet

All images by Barb Penoyar and Studio N

From Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade to rapper Kendrick Lamar to our friends at Street Etiquette, men everywhere are sporting the crucial evolution in trousers known as jogger pants. And it’s easy to understand why.

Besides being abnormally comfortable (many have elastic at the waist as well as the cuffs), they cut a lean, tapered silhouette that shows off your favorite shoes, without pesky concerns about rolling or hemming your pant leg.

Keep reading to see three ways to wear them: on the weekend, at the office and for a date.

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