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Nordstrom Toronto: Model Natasha Ramkay on Toronto’s Best Eats

To celebrate the opening of our new store at CF Toronto Eaton Centre (September 16), we’ve been talking to some of the city’s model residents while photographing them on the streets—and sometimes rooftops—of their stunning metro.

Occasionally, it’s not too difficult to pinpoint someone’s passion. With model Natasha Ramkay, her love of healthy and delicious eats surfaces as fast as you can make instant oatmeal. So it took us just about as long to hit her up for some of her hometown’s best meals and treats.

Natasha Ramkay

Here is what the Torontonian told us about where to score tacos and more.


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Nordstrom Toronto: Model Kirsten Owen on Toronto’s Hot Spots & Her Daughter’s Outfits

To celebrate the opening of our new store at Toronto Eaton Centre (September 16), we’ve been talking to some of the city’s model residents while photographing them on the streets—and sometimes rooftops—of their stunning metro.

Behind the scenes of our Toronto store opening shoot with model Kirsten Owen

With her sharp features, porcelain skin and direct stare, Kirsten Owen was a favorite face for many minimalist and avant-garde designers in the ’90s. She helmed Jil Sander’s campaign in 1990, looking like a severe Greta Garbo. She strolled the runway with her baby bump cradled in a creation by Yohji Yamamoto in ’92. Encircled by barbed wire, she walked in a young Alexander McQueen’s show in ’96. And, after several years away from the industry, she closed KENZO’s 2006 show and was the face of Givenchy’s 2008 campaign. Her classic good looks and mutability have made her a model to span generations.

We caught up with her behind the scenes of our Toronto shoot to learn about her favorite haunts in the city and what she’s wearing now.


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Nordstrom Toronto: Model Shivani Persad Tells Us Where to Go Out in the City, Plus Our 360º Video

To celebrate the opening of our new store at Toronto Eaton Centre, we’ve been talking to some of the city’s residents while photographing them on the streets—and sometimes rooftops—of their stunning metro.

First up is all-around lovely lady, model and blogger Shivani Persad. This woman proves that true beauty isn’t just skin deep. On her blog, LIVE SHIV NOW, Shivani discusses the nuances of the modeling industry, diversity issues in entertainment and fashion, her personal struggle with anxiety, her travel reflections and, of course, fashion. All of these dimensions also made her the perfect subject of our new 360º video. You can watch that below, see behind-the-scenes images from our shoot and read Shivani’s tips for dressing up and going out in Toronto.

Shivani Persad on set in Toronto


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A Few of Australian Model Fernanda Ly’s Favorite Things: Polaroid Cameras, Lactose-Free Yogurt and Strawberries

Fernanda Ly

The model with the cotton candy-colored hair has been the very recognizable face of Louis Vuitton’s summer 2016 campaign, graced the cover of Vogue in five countries and attracted more than 95,000 followers to her sparse but charming Instagram account—and all of this in the short span of a year. Since being discovered in 2013, Ly rocketed into the fashion scene like a pastel Roman candle following a walk in Louis Vuitton’s fall 2015 show—Nicolas Ghesquière is obviously a fan.

As quirky and sweet as she seems with her elf princess good looks, Ly—part of our Anniversary Sale entourage—is a serious art lover and fashion force. We caught up with her to talk about what she shops and collects.


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Video: Karlie Kloss on Her Favorite Shoes, College Life and How To Runway Walk

Karlie Kloss at the University of South Carolina

Our spring Snapchat Shoe Challenge saw the University of South Carolina student body rally to win a party on campus with supermodel and NYU college student Karlie Kloss!

Nordstrom asked users to cast a social media ballot for Florida State University, UCLA, University of Arizona, University of Oregon or University of South Carolina. The Gamecocks rose to the challenge and, on April 12, University of South Carolina seniors were presented with a Nordstrom voucher worth $100 to help them get a well-shod leg up on their job hunt.

We took a minute to talk to the mega-model when she visited campus last week. As a working professional and NYU student, Kloss’s schedule is already pretty packed. But somehow she has still found time to help other young women find their calling with her free summer coding camps called Kode with Klossy.

Hear Karlie Kloss talk about her love of shoes, college life and her pet project. Plus, get her tips on mastering a killer runway walk.


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Model and Musician Daisy Clementine on Her Style, Siblings and Guitar Heros

The Smiths are taking the world by storm. 2015 was a breakout year for Calvin Klein models Lucky Blue and Pyper America, and now Daisy Clementine’s star is on the rise. As the lead guitarist of the Smith family band, The Atomics, and a model for Vogue Italia, the LA-via-Salt Lake City dweller is working hard, keeping cool and having fun.

We learned more about Daisy and her talented siblings, whose bond is just the first thing that makes them exceptional.
Model and musician Daisy Clementine

You were scouted and signed by NEXT at age 14—just five years ago! Was modeling a surprise or something you had prepared for?

Modeling is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I can remember being four or five years old and telling everyone I was going to grow up to be a model one day. I used to bring magazines into the bathroom with me and practice the models’ poses in the mirror!

What has happened since?

I moved to Los Angeles with my family a couple of months after I graduated high school in the summer of 2013. Since moving here, I’ve been modeling full time as well as working on music for my family band, The Atomics. I’ve been able to travel to some really amazing places and meet creative and interesting people. I absolutely love living in Los Angeles. The weather is always so nice and I get to do what I have always dreamed of doing here.


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New York Fashion Week: Otherworldly Model Tiana Tolstoi Loves New York

Born in Egypt to a family who traces its heritage to Korea, Serbia and Russia, and then raised and schooled in Paris, on-the-rise model Tiana Tolstoi is the very definition of cultured and worldly—which is why I was taken by surprise when her eyes got wide and wild as she exclaimed, “But I love New York!”

Tiana-smiley face pop
All images by Michael Yuri Chard

I’m not sure she’ll stay settled down for too long (though at the end of this post you’ll hear her talk about one very good reason to do so for the time being); she all but belongs to the world. Witness this Vogue Italia spread and this cover for Vogue China.

Still, as we walked around SoHo taking pictures, she listed her three reasons for loving the heck out of this town.


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Kazakhstan’s Pizza-Eating, Skydiving Top Model: Alyona Subbotina

By all accounts—say, Givenchy’s—Alyona Subbotina is an incredibly cool-looking girl. Beautiful, yes, but more importantly, cool. But one of the first things she says to me after my photog friend Mike and I sit down with her in a SoHo pizza joint is, “The real me is something more aggressive.” She tells me how she used to have bleached-out eyebrows and says she’d love to have messier, shorter hair, but I won’t find out what she really means about being aggressive until she’s more than halfway through her piled-high veggie slice.


All images by Michael Yuri Chard

See, Alyona was a member of her country’s Olympic volleyball team and had her eyes on the 2008 Beijing games when she was spotted in Kazakhstan by a modeling scout. Fast-forward to now—with pause points starring Helmut Lang, ACNE, Fendi and Armani. She loves fashion, and she loves the industry, and you only have to talk to her for, well, about as long as it takes to eat half a slice, to know that she’s got her head on straight about it.

“We have a perfect job. We get good pay to work just one or two days and I’m not in some factory somewhere. I respect my clients and I am happy to be who they want—to be what the market wants. But I see it as … how do you call it? A circus.”

And ladies and gentlemen, Alyona is an expert practitioner of the best circus-coping stress reliever out there.


Rubina Dyan painting on set of the Nordstrom shoot ALL POSTS Art Culture Interviews Style

Rubina Dyan: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

Globalism is part of the art and life of 19-year-old painter and model Rubina Dyan. The Armenian-born beauty seems to approach both her craft and her profession as a world tour of happy accidents.

“It does look like a map sometimes and it has faces in it,” she reflects on her current series of paintings. “It’s kind of a colorful, continental style.”

Rubina Dyan painting on set of the Nordstrom shoot

Dyan’s recent artwork contains closely cropped visages of various ethnicities in rainbow paints that sometimes resemble a topographical pattern. They are at once ethereal and aggressive: the eyes stare directly back at the viewer and mouths hang agape as if about to speak.

Artist and model Rubina Dyan on set at the Nordstrom shoot

Dyan herself speaks four languages fluently: Armenian, Spanish, Catalan and English. She is conversant in French and Russian as well. Born in Yerevan, Armenia, Dyan moved to Barcelona where she spent her teen years before moving to Los Angeles in 2007.


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Fashion Week

Fashion Week Flashback: Models of the Moment at IMG

Mind if we just go back once or twice more to New York Fashion Week? Cool.

IMG Models isn’t just an international juggernaut responsible for booking some of the most talented faces of fashion in the world, they are also—as part of an entertainment partnership called WME-IMG—the folks behind the official Fashion Week headquarters in midtown where we saw Naeem, Prabal and more. The partnership also owns and runs MADE, the Chelsea-neighborhood spot for talent on the rise, such as the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund candidates we checked out. Guess that makes them a double juggernaut? Triple?


We stopped by the IMG New York office on our last day in the city and chatted with the team as well as a major up-and-coming model who came into the agency through IMG’s #WLYG (we love your genes) program. Meet Lameka Fox and get a download of the model stats of the season. 

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