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There’s Nothing Like Home: Inside Ovadia & Sons’ SS 18 Collection

Ovadia & Sons designer and native New Yorker Ariel Ovadia told us the inspiration for his spring/summer 2018 collection was Polo clothes and hip-hop mixtapes from the mid to late 1990s—which where huge in New York City, and which he and his brother, Shimon, loved as teenagers. As if blessing this choice of references, one of the master rappers of that mixtape era, Fabolous, sat front row at the show.

The clothes were great: Key pieces included track pants and bucket hats, with flames, checkerboard patterns, and deep, vibrant color-blocking. Interior design was humorous and aimed directly at our buyers: shipping boxes, buying checklists and ballpoint pens (message: Place your order).

On the more artistic side of things, though, it was cool to see the clothes while hearing the rapper Prodigy, a legendary artist from that same era who recently passed away, through the speakers. The homage was real and felt.

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Fashion Week Interviews Men’s Fashion Style

Cruising with Willy Chavarria at New York Fashion Week: Men’s

Willy Chavarria went the Raf Simons route at NYFW:M, deciding to show his spring/summer 2018 collection not in the standard exhibition space, but off-site, out in the city. Chavarria is an exciting designer to watch, and placing his collection, titled “Cruising,” in a leather bar was an inspired choice.

He showed wide-leg pants and voluminous shirts that brought a California sensibility (where he’s from) to New York (where he lives). The careful styling of the environment worked with the clothes, from the lowriders parked out front, to the fragrant flower crosses inside. Relaxing oldies playing on the speakers—music to cruise to, in a place for cruising.

Fashion Week provides an opportuity to get to know different designers and their points of view, and we’re glad we made it out to the Eagle to see what Chavarria had to offer.

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Raf Simons’s SS 18 Collection at New York Fashion Week: Men’s

One of menswear’s most respected designers and certainly the biggest name at NYFW:M, Raf Simons staged his Blade Runner-esque runway show Tuesday night under a bridge in the heart of Chinatown. Highsnobiety has an excellent review digging into the details of what the show meant in the scope of Simons’s work and fashion in general.

For our part, we’ll say that while we respect CFDA CEO Steven Kolb’s distinction between art and commerce, money is the last thing on our minds after soaking up Simons’s creativity. Long live the artist.

Simons, for the uninitiated, is the creative director of Calvin Klein, and the designer of his namesake brand, which has drawn longstanding inspiration from the music and artwork of Joy Division, New Order, and Peter Saville—the designer with whom Simons also recently redesigned the Calvin Klein logo.

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The Art of the Showroom: wings + horns and Reigning Champ SS 18

Many NYFW:M brands use runway shows and presentations for artistic displays, then have business meetings with our buyers in straightforward showrooms. This year the Canadian powerhouse of wings + horns (designer brand) and Reigning Champ (sport brand) put all its eggs in the showroom basket.

That turned out to be a wise move, because they curated an art exhibit that will stick in our buyers’ minds for a long time. With tall white walls, a blackened Hawaiian forest, and a 3-D Reigning Champ logo that morphed as you walked around it, being there felt like being on another planet—a nearly monochromatic, sporty, severe version of Earth.

The occasion? Reigning Champ’s 10-year anniversary. But also, the brands’ designer, Tung Vo, is a detail-obsessed creator of worlds. Given the chance to wild out—the CEO said it was OK—he went all the way in.

Check out the clothes below and get into the artwork. We interviewed artist Andrew Dadson about his piece, “Black Plants.”

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Fashion Week Interviews Men’s Fashion Style

Todd Snyder On His SS 18 Collection, Dad Style, and Making a Difference Through Design at New York Fashion Week: Men’s

New York–based designer Todd Snyder, the solid anchor of this season’s roster of NYFW:M, did not disappoint with his headlining runway show on opening day.

Known for classic tailoring, military influences and collaborating with heritage brands like Champion, he threw a curveball with his spring/summer 2018 collection. The fashion somewhat recklessly balanced his familiar aesthetic with styles from Snyder’s own world travels and a dusting of American streetwear.

Backstage we talked about the collection, the role of design in society, his dad, and which fashion rules are breakable (all of them).

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Fashion Week Interviews Men’s Fashion Style

CEO of the CFDA Steven Kolb on New York Fashion Week: Men’s, the Difference Between Fashion and Art, and Getting Used to Athleisure

Fashion week, at the risk of explaining what you already know, is when our buyers fly to Paris, Milan, London and New York for the purpose of previewing collections and placing orders. After careful consideration during runway shows and in private showrooms, they make decisions about what you’ll see eight months later as our designer selection.  

With the European fashion weeks just finished, right now all eyes are on New York Fashion Week: Men’s—the new kid on the block as far as standalone men’s weeks, in its fifth season. We’re hyped to bring you on-the-ground coverage of shows, presentations and events. And to set it off, an interview with Steven Kolb.

Kolb is the CEO of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which maintains the schedule for NYFW:M. Few people think about fashion at such a high level, and he’s always great to connect with about the big picture.

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