New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

Fashion Week Street Style

Crystal: Your NYFW Style Spotter

Tomorrow marks the start of New York Fashion Week, and fashion lovers the world over are flocking to Lincoln Center! What better time for street-style watching? We’re sending Crystal—our Fashion Week Style Spotter—onto the New York City streets to snap pics and interview women with the most inspiring style outside of the runway shows.

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Stay on top of all the excitement at Fashion Week with the Nordstrom Street Style Report and our Twitter coverage starting up tomorrow. Until then, get to know Crystal while we have a chat to find out about what it’s like to have such a fabulous job and how she stays stylish running around the streets of New York City.

What got you into fashion and style spotting?
My mom made all my clothes, which we designed together, until I went off to college. She owned several stores when I was a little gal, and I first worked a cash register at the tender age of 7. Since then, I’ve stuck to retail. I love love love all things fashion, but have a particular sweet spot for footwear. My last gig involved employee and location scouting for a developing retail chain, but I’ve also been a model, stylist and vintage buyer, so the switch to full-on style spotting was pretty seamless.

While you’re on the hunt for people to stop at Fashion Week, what type of person are you looking for; what makes you stop them?
Not to be cliché, but confidence is key! When a person has fully embraced their style, it shows. You can always tell when a person is owning their outfit, instead of the other way around! Sometimes it’s the little things—like an original color combination, a daring accessory or a killer pair of heels.

Describe your personal style and what you’re loving most right now.
I am a vintage junkie, and I love mixing high/low pieces. I’m trying to branch out to new colors, but I tend towards navy, crèmes and reds. I am absolutely loving the new prep school looks we’ve been seeing. I have a minor obsession with all things high-waisted, particularly menswear-inspired trousers. There are a lot of amazing geometric accessories hitting the market now, too, that I can’t wait to get my paws on.

Traveling the world style spotting sounds like a dream job, but if you could be doing anything else, what would it be?
It is a dream job! I absolutely love what I do, but if the tides turn someday, I’d open my own shop. It’s in my blood, and I have had a lot of practice over the years opening and running retail shops. I would have a small concept shoe store, and focus on interesting, emerging footwear designers.

If you could go style spotting anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
Easy question! Australia! I am consistently impressed by Australian style and their wealth of talented designers. The street style in Oz is absolutely amazing and often overlooked I think. They may be on the other side of the world, but they’re ahead of the game fashion-wise! They’ve got a knack for mixing genres and being playful, and they do it with enviable ease.

What’s your secret not only for packing to stay stylish while traveling, but for staying stylish while running around the streets of New York City style spotting?
It’s not easy, but I have packing down to a science at this point. I depend on natural fibers, easy layers and great accessories. Chic, but comfortable, shoes are an absolute must. I walk miles and miles a day, and I just can’t do it in platform heels, much to my chagrin. I have a huge collection of oxfords and Chelsea boots; they are my go-to staple. I love menswear trousers, too—I’m always chasing down looks and trying to find the best angles, and they afford me both modesty and flexibility. A statement necklace and some easy red lipstick is a great way to elevate a more casual look, too!