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4 Beauty and Health-Boosting Recipes from Hum Nutrition

We don’t know about you, but come January our aim is true yet our energy is low. Although we want to exercise five days a week, go on that elimination diet, cut out sugar and stop our Netflix binging, well, wellness seems like a goal for someone who’s run out of episodes of The OA–and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

But Hum Nutrition is giving us zero excuses not to adopt healthy behaviors. Their line of super supplements and vitamins addresses specific, every-body concerns like detoxing (Daily Cleanse), energy (Raw Beauty), digestion (Flatter Me) and appearance (Red Carpet). Hum’s specialized formulas are clinically tested, sustainably resourced, organic and gluten-free.

As an added incentive, their team has given us four delicious, nutritious recipes to go along with their formulas to give your diet an added boost.

Hum Nutrition Recipes


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Fresh, Homemade Sparkling Hibiscus Lemonade Party Punch Recipe | What’s Cooking

Party punch idea: Sparkling Hibiscus Lemonade from Nordstrom. A fresh, homemade lemonade from real lemons with hibiscus tea concentrate and club soda. Recipe from Nordstrom; photo by Jeff Powell.

Our recipe for freshly squeezed homemade lemonade—with the perfect tart-to-sweet balance—gets friendly with the concentrated flavors of tropical hibiscus for a refreshing summer party drink that effervesces with a top-off of club soda. (Though we won’t tell if you swap out the club soda for champagne, or tip in a bit of quality vodka to take this kid-friendly party punch into adults-only territory.)

Like with our recipe for Sparkling Pomegranate Lemonade, this makes two gallons for a big crowd. You can halve the recipe for a smaller gathering, or, as I did, use up any extra to make a super-delicious granita in your freezer—a dessert perfectly suited for a warm summer night.

Dried loose-leaf hibiscus tea leaves.


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Easy, Healthy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe | What’s Cooking

Easy, healthy strawberry smoothie recipe with frozen fruit, spinach and coconut milk recipe from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.
Okay, even if it weren’t that time of year when everyone’s trying to stick to some resolution to treat themselves better, we’d still totally be into this super-easy strawberry smoothie. At our Fruititude juice bars, we make this dairy-free Spinberry smoothie by whizzing up some frozen strawberries, brain-boosting blueberries, a full serving of antioxidant-rich greens (shh, it’s got spinach inside!), coconut milk and a little agave nectar. It’s a fresh, vibrantly colored beverage that feels more like a luscious indulgence than a nutrient-filled way to up your dose of daily fruits and vegetables.

Easy frozen strawberry recipe without yogurt recipe from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell.


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Easy Sparkling Pomegranate Lemonade Party Punch Recipe | What’s Cooking

Party Drink Ideas: Sparkling Pomegranate Lemonade Recipe from Nordstrom with Blackberry Syrup. Photo by Jeff Powell.It’s summer. You’re hosting a crowd. Throw together this refreshing pitcher drink to cool off your guests at your next party! Our simple recipe for freshly squeezed lemonade hits the perfect sweet-to-tart ratio and gets topped up with pomegranate juice, blackberry syrup and club soda for an effervescent sparkle.

Try this pomegranate lemonade seasonally at any of our Ebar locations, or make it at home for your next large event. Our recipe yields two gallons (or is easily halved, for one)–enough for a big backyard barbecue, sporting event or potluck. And yes, you can most definitely make this kid-friendly beverage into an adults-only party punch; just switch out the club soda for a dry Prosecco or splash in a bit of high-quality vodka.

Nordstrom Ebar Sparkling Pomegranate Lemonade. Photo by Jeff Powell.

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Orange Twist Cold-Brew Iced Coffee Drink Recipe | What’s Cooking

I love coffee, but I’d never tried cold-brew coffee before making this drink. So when our Restaurants Team sent this recipe, a small, dubious part of me thought, ‘Really? 12 hours to steep the grounds at room temperature? Couldn’t you just make hot coffee and chill it down? It can’t be that much better.’ Well, I tried it at home, and it is. Now I’m a cold-brew believer–the smooth-tasting result is worth the hours-long wait.

Cold brew coffee drink recipe with oranges and agave from Nordstrom | Photo by Jeff Powell.

Unlike a more conventional hot brew, the cold-brew method yields a complex concentrate with much less acidity and bitterness. Augmented with the bright, citrusy orange–an unexpectedly great combination–and a hint of sweetness from the agave nectar, this drink is simple, surprisingly flavorful and refreshing. It makes for a unique addition to a summertime brunch or cold pick-me-up on a hot afternoon.

Our Ebars, where you can find our cold brew, use a 5-1/2-gallon commercial setup. Thankfully the same company makes a more friendly home-sized version–the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System. For optimal results, use freshly ground whole beans, like our Nordstrom House Blend Dark Roast Coffee Beans.

Cold brew coffee drink recipe with orages and agave from Nordstrom | Photo by Jeff Powell

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