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The Power of Dad’s Cologne: We Honor Father’s Day with Our Favorite Scent Memories

Some of our most potent scent memories can be traced back to childhood events. Whether it’s Mom’s homemade cookies, fresh from the oven—the aroma of vanilla and chocolate still wending its way along the neurotransmitters in our brain—or the smell of a mowed lawn after a spring rainstorm, the fragrant recollection of wet cut grass lingering heavy in our nostrils even now. So when we think of Dad, it’s only natural that we instinctively recall his personal scent at the same time we remember curling into his lap to read a book or pressing into the crook of his neck for a much-needed hug. While not every dad wears cologne, it’s an easy marker to identify—and much easier to package and give to the man on Father’s Day than, say, the formative smells of a tobacco pipe or summer sweat.

Since Father’s Day is June 17, the Nordstrom Fashion Office is celebrating the men who helped raise us by sharing some of our favorite dad cologne memories. Ahead, a tabulation of olfactive flashbacks of our fathers and their fragrances.



Kristin Frossmo Interviews Style

Spring Picks from Our VP of Shoes Kristin Frossmo

Kristin Frossmo has been with Nordstrom for 29 years—almost as long as her identical twin sister. She started out selling shoes in the Seattle store and now, as an executive vice president and general merchandise manager, has what many—including her—consider a dream job: she oversees all footwear.

Wearing white Céline booties and a Chloé skirt, Kristin met us in her office overlooking downtown Seattle to discuss her career and advice for young professionals, as well as her passion for shoes that dazzle—and top picks for spring.


Kim House in Florence Interviews Style Travel

Finding Inspiration in Italy with Lewit’s Shoe Designer

We’re (super!) excited to introduce you to Lewit, a beautiful collection of Italian-made shoes exclusive to Nordstrom. Crafted in a storied factory in Italy’s Le Marche region—an area famous for manufacturing the highest-quality luxury shoes in the world—Lewit shoes exhibit a balanced blend of old-world technique and modern design.

Recently we chatted with Kim House, design director for Lewit, about her work, the new collection and her visit to Italy to steward the making of the pretty pairs of shoes. Get her travel tips and peek inside the process of creating exceptional footwear—with the backdrop of the Adriatic Sea.



Asking for a Friend: How to Style Mom Jeans

“Asking for a Friend” is our advice series that seeks to solve all manner of fashion predicaments with the help of our smart and stylish Nordstrom colleagues. 

Ribicca Mamuye, mom jeans shoot

Mom was our original style icon. Thoughtful children that we are, we decided to mark this Mother’s Day by exploring some very nonmaternal ways to rock the high-waist denim styles (aka “mom jeans”) that are seeing a resurgence right now. To successfully do so, we tapped our friend and Nordstrom stylist Keara Matthiesen, as well as our gorgeous coworker Ribicca Mamuye, a full-time Nordstrom merchandising analyst and part-time blogger/model. Ribicca put Keara’s advice into practice in front of the camera, and this team effort produced spring outfits that would make our matriarchs proud.

The question: how to wear the mom-jean style without looking like you’re on carpool duty or carrying baggies of Cheerios?

The advice giver: Nordstrom Stylist Keara Matthiesen.

The solution: streamline your outfit with tucked-in shirts or flowing dresses (yes, dresses), then add a funky flourish.



Giving Back with STATE Bags at Dunlap Elementary School

By now, we’re all pretty familiar with the one-for-one giveback retail model. Shoppers purchase a certain brand of shoes or glasses for themselves, and then the company donates a like product to a person in need. It’s a great charitable strategy, one that can help guide consumers through overwhelming shopping choices and toward items that can have social impact beyond style.

STATE bag drop

STATE Bags not only embraces this model with its backpacks, but takes it a step further. Scot Tatelman and his wife, Jacqueline, began the company after witnessing New York City children carrying their school supplies in trash bags. For every STATE backpack purchased, one backpack is donated to an American child in a situation of need. These donations take place in person during school rallies (called bag drops) put on by the company. “We like to think we’re kind of amplifying that one-for-one model in the way we donate the bags,” says Scot Tatelman. “We don’t just show up to schools or homeless shelters or nonprofit organizations and just hand out backpacks, but we put on real high-energy motivational events for the kids that we serve.”

Nordstrom partnered with STATE Bags for an event this April. At Seattle’s Dunlap Elementary School, STATE and Nordstrom crews hand-delivered fully stocked STATE backpacks—packed with socks, snacks, sunscreen, headbands and notebooks—to all 375 students. But that wasn’t all.


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Reliving Prom and Picking Our Redo Dresses

All month, the Nordstrom crew has been having collective flashbacks featuring carnation corsages and Bonne Bell lip gloss. Once the prom dresses arrive in store, we start swapping our adorably hilarious stories and photos—many too good to keep to ourselves.

Here are five of our favorites—including one that ends in a “happily ever after”—plus what the prom survivor would wear now.

Amy Leigh Morgan, Prom

Amy Morgan, Senior Copywriter

This was the first of what would become a series of lackluster proms from 1987 to ’89. For a couple of proms, I went with boys my friends weren’t allowed to date. We’d go in a group and just swap dates when we got to the dance. I was a prom beard!

My mom loved all the proms. She made every one of my dresses, like this beauty in emerald-green moiré taffeta. It cracks me up that the ruffle detail is in style again! (That is one way I know I’m super old.)

If I had it to do all over again now, I’d wear this gorgeous Burberry shirtdress with a tuxedo tie.


Culture Interviews Music Style Video

At Practice with Our Shoe Designer’s “Pointy Shoegaze” Band, Fotoform

As Nordstrom’s footwear design director, Kim House oversees the styles that brands like Halogen®, Caslon®, Treasure & Bond and BP. put forward for feet. In her off-time, Kim is a singer and bassist in the band Fotoform, which she describes cheekily as a “pointy shoegaze” outfit.


“Shoegaze came out of Britain in the late ’80s, early ’90s,” Kim explains, when we meet up in the band’s practice space in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. “Bands like Lush, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine were characterized by a wall of guitars, lots of effects, with ethereal vocals on top.” It’s Kim’s heavenly voice that floats like soft gauze on top of twin guitars, bass and drums. “‘Pointy shoegaze’ was a nod to some of the early ’80s dark stuff we were inspired by—and that time and that scene. People wore a lot of pointy shoes at that time.” But it’s also a nod to Kim’s day job, one that thankfully provides an outlet for her visual inspirations, like the Fotoform avant-garde photography movement, from which the band takes its name.


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ALL POSTS Interviews Style Video

Textile Messages: Looking for Inspiration with the Nordstrom Print Design Team

While you’re shopping floral dresses and gingham shirts this spring, pause for a minute to linger over the subtleties of the hues, the composition of the lines, how the pattern interplays with the material. Someone lovingly researched and designed that print. A team translated it into a fabrication. Chances are that pattern was devised with this garment in mind. In other words, when you wear a print you wear an artistic collaboration—the last contributor being you and how you style it.

Nordstrom Print Design Team

A pattern might initially attract our eye, but after that first blush, we’re often quickly distracted by the cut, the fit, the price. Our consumer mind wonders about how that print would suit us, not its provenance. But then we met the Print Design Team at Nordstrom. Their cumulative experiences and passions make them a unique group of women in the industry. So we asked to spend the day with them! They obliged our (maybe weird, but well-meaning) request.

Two Nordstrom print designers as well as the director of print and color took us into their studio to see how they work, and then to some of their favorite inspirational Seattle places. Here’s a glimpse into their world. It’s pretty lovely.

Marion Chereau, Nordstrom Print Designer

Senior print designer Marion Chereau



Prom Redo: What We’d Wear Now

Not that we’d want to be teenagers again—man, that was tough—but occasionally we muse over how we’d do things differently. Pine for that bad boy who cut class and went on to manage the local hardware store? In hindsight, we’d have set our sights on the sheepish student council VP who’s now a successful MD. Take study hall? Should have gotten a jump on college coursework with some AP classes instead. Go to all those parties? Yeah, we’d still do that.

Escape two-piece ballgown

And when it comes to our high school wardrobe picks, we’d make some serious alterations. It’s painful just to look at pictures of some of the clothing choices we self-consciously made back in the day. So with an occasion like prom, to have had our adult fashion sensibilities guide our youthful dress selections (truth: there is such a thing as too much tulle) would undoubtedly have led to a prettier party look and less cringe-inducing photos.

For your reference, and our fun, here’s what we’d wear to prom now.

Mary O'Regan, Copy Manager

Who: Mary O’Regan, Copy Manager
What: Xscape stripe satin two-piece ballgown (pictured above)
Why: I love the two-piece trend happening in prom dresses right now. It really frees you up on the dance floor. This skirt is a nice mix of subtle and eye-catching, and it hits the ground, so you can wear flats and no one will know!
Similar style: Steppin Out ‘Leah’ two-piece gown


Fashion Week

Sahar’s Travel Essentials: New York Fashion Week

Our designer apparel buyer, Sahar Sokhandan, shares her must-pack items and favorite hotspots during NYFW–with more to come for London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Step into the shoes of a designer buyer–from checking in to grabbing an evening cocktail–and see all the recommendations for her NYC itinerary in Sahar’s New York Fashion Week Essentials.