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Deem Spencer Interviews Men’s Fashion Music

Rapper Deem Spencer Makes Music for the Calm Kids

One of the models in our fall men’s fashion campaign, 22-year-old rapper Deem Spencer, has a different angle on hip-hop. In a field known for brash extroverts, his songs are notably chill, with main themes of “fear, insecurity, being naive.” If you’re unfamiliar with Spencer’s music, start with his 2017 album We Think We Alone, which you can hear in our video below. Should you like what you hear, stay tuned to his SoundCloud and look out for his sixth project.

Spencer spoke to us about making music for calm kids, his city and his journey to his personal style.


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Men’s Trends to Watch from Nordstrom Buying Director Jorge Valls

As gentlemen continue to venture further into the fashion avant-garde, styles shift from commercially driven monotonous dress shirts and trousers to artistic self-expression with an almost-anything-goes flair—that’s almost anything.

Nordstrom Men’s Buying Director Jorge Valls knows there is a lot to be excited about in men’s fashion. Beyond New York Fashion Week trends—which he predicts will be centered around ’90s street style and fine tailoring—Valls has his sights set on the grand opening of Nordstrom’s standalone New York men’s store this spring, for which he curated a diverse collection of the most exciting names in menswear.

In an interview for the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), which appears in “Words with Fashion Friends,” Valls shares which shows excite him most this season and hints at what’s in store for the highly anticipated Nordstrom Manhattan flagship store just before men’s week gets going in New York!


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Asking for a Friend: How to Wear One Suit Jacket For Everything

‘Asking for a Friend’ is our style advice series.

Every man needs a suit, but not everyone gets the most bang for his buck. Is there a way to increase the value of this purchase?

Yes, sir: wear the pieces separately. Mix up your outfits to give more life to the jacket and pants. You hopefully got them tailored, so they fit you perfectly and deserve to be worn frequently. For more information on that, see our story Asking for a Friend: How to Talk to a Tailor.

Without further delay: here are three ways for you to consider wearing your blazer.


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Men’s Fashion

Asking For a Friend: How to Talk to a Tailor

‘Asking for a Friend’ is our style advice series.

As you develop your personal style to incorporate traditional menswear, tailoring becomes essential. We understand if that causes some apprehension. But let us take care of you and you’ll see there’s nothing to worry about.

We offer alterations for free in all our stores, on almost every item. Drop in any time or make an appointment online. Our tailors are easy to speak with and ready to help.

Now let’s talk about tailoring pants. There’s not just one way to do it. You have to think about what kind of fit you want, and what kind of shoes you’re most likely to wear with the finished pants.

For inspiration, here’s how to make your favorite dress pants work three ways by tailoring them differently.

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