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Treasure & Bond + WE: A Giveback Program You Can Track

Built into the mission of the Treasure & Bond brand is the promise to donate 2.5% of net sales to charity, a promise that delivered a $1 million donation to YWCA (USA and Canada) in 2017 and has directed more than $2.4 million to charities since 2014. This year, Treasure & Bond is collaborating with WE Charity to support programs empowering young people. WE Charity is the donation arm of WE—a family of organizations making doing good doable—and is supported by ME to WE, a social enterprise that creates socially conscious products and experiences. Partnering with WE not only helps Treasure & Bond give back to programs working for a better future, but it gives customers unique insight into the charitable impact of their purchases through ME to WE’s Track Your Impact tool.

It’s a partnership to be proud of, for sure. For more info on this collaboration, we spoke with two women instrumental in bringing it all together: Nordstrom Product Group president Jennifer Jackson Brown and ME to WE CEO Roxanne Joyal. Here’s what they said.


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Finding Inspiration in Italy with Lewit’s Shoe Designer

We’re (super!) excited to introduce you to Lewit, a beautiful collection of Italian-made shoes exclusive to Nordstrom. Crafted in a storied factory in Italy’s Le Marche region—an area famous for manufacturing the highest-quality luxury shoes in the world—Lewit shoes exhibit a balanced blend of old-world technique and modern design.

Recently we chatted with Kim House, design director for Lewit, about her work, the new collection and her visit to Italy to steward the making of the pretty pairs of shoes. Get her travel tips and peek inside the process of creating exceptional footwear—with the backdrop of the Adriatic Sea.


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At Practice with Our Shoe Designer’s “Pointy Shoegaze” Band, Fotoform

As Nordstrom’s footwear design director, Kim House oversees the styles that brands like Halogen®, Caslon®, Treasure & Bond and BP. put forward for feet. In her off-time, Kim is a singer and bassist in the band Fotoform, which she describes cheekily as a “pointy shoegaze” outfit.


“Shoegaze came out of Britain in the late ’80s, early ’90s,” Kim explains, when we meet up in the band’s practice space in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. “Bands like Lush, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine were characterized by a wall of guitars, lots of effects, with ethereal vocals on top.” It’s Kim’s heavenly voice that floats like soft gauze on top of twin guitars, bass and drums. “‘Pointy shoegaze’ was a nod to some of the early ’80s dark stuff we were inspired by—and that time and that scene. People wore a lot of pointy shoes at that time.” But it’s also a nod to Kim’s day job, one that thankfully provides an outlet for her visual inspirations, like the Fotoform avant-garde photography movement, from which the band takes its name.


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This Socially Conscious Brand Supports Women in the Coolest Way

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Treasure & Bond Leather Jacket

In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to take this time to highlight the incredible Nordstrom brand Treasure&Bond. As one of the many ways the company supports nonprofits throughout the year, Nordstrom donates 2.5% of its net sales to organizations that empower youth. This means that whenever you purchase an item from this beloved label−whether it be on-trend denim, stylish hoodies or go-to ankle boots−you’re doing good. And that’s something we can definitely get behind here at Who What Wear HQ.

From February 1, 2017, to January 31, 2018, Treasure&Bond will support YWCA in both the U.S. and Canada. In the U.S. specifically, funds will go toward the organization’s TechGYRLS initiative, a program that empowers girls in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Previous beneficiaries of Treasure&Bond donations include Girls Inc., another notable leader in female empowerment that Nordstrom continues to support in various cities across America.

In our opinion, there’s no better way to celebrate this important day than by giving girls the opportunities they deserve. If that means purchasing some of the incredible products from Treasure&Bond, consider it a bonus.


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Textile Messages: Looking for Inspiration with the Nordstrom Print Design Team

While you’re shopping floral dresses and gingham shirts this spring, pause for a minute to linger over the subtleties of the hues, the composition of the lines, how the pattern interplays with the material. Someone lovingly researched and designed that print. A team translated it into a fabrication. Chances are that pattern was devised with this garment in mind. In other words, when you wear a print you wear an artistic collaboration—the last contributor being you and how you style it.

Nordstrom Print Design Team

A pattern might initially attract our eye, but after that first blush, we’re often quickly distracted by the cut, the fit, the price. Our consumer mind wonders about how that print would suit us, not its provenance. But then we met the Print Design Team at Nordstrom. Their cumulative experiences and passions make them a unique group of women in the industry. So we asked to spend the day with them! They obliged our (maybe weird, but well-meaning) request.

Two Nordstrom print designers as well as the director of print and color took us into their studio to see how they work, and then to some of their favorite inspirational Seattle places. Here’s a glimpse into their world. It’s pretty lovely.

Marion Chereau, Nordstrom Print Designer

Senior print designer Marion Chereau