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Breakfast at Cafe de Flore with SPACE Designer Daniela Villegas

SPACE designer Daniela Villegas is in Paris often, and she loves staying in the Saint-Germain neighborhood and having breakfast at the iconic Cafe de Flore. But today breakfast is at 11am (jet lag, thank you), and, following the most recent advice of her naturopath, breakfast means tea and a glass of orange juice. Every six months she has her blood tested back home in Los Angeles and follows special dietary guidelines from there. There will be no croissants in Paris this season. Wheat is OK, but yeast is not.

“Cane sugar, that’s one of the things,” she says, showing us her list. “And fruit!” The maker of fine insect-inspired jewelry didn’t sleep well last night, and she thinks the doctor-recommended kick of sugar from the OJ will be key to keeping her going and going with all the preparations she has to take care of today.


All images by Jessa Carter

Tomorrow at 9am, inside a stylish rented apartment nearby, she’ll begin seeing editors and buyers and showing them her latest wildlife-and-gemstone creations. So today she will put out the flowers she ordered from her favorite shop on Rue Saint Honoré, and her twin sister—who came from Mexico to help her—will begin baking. Annapaula even brought ingredients from home, all the better for whipping up homemade matcha bread and other treats that will help make Daniela’s visitors feel welcome.


“I love when they look at their watch and they’re like, ‘Oh, I have 30 more minutes until my next appointment, I would love to just hang out here,'” Daniela says of her fashion industry clients, whom she always encourages to stay for as long as they’d like.


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Where to Eat Japanese (and More!) in Paris with Tu Es Mon TRÉSOR

Not everyone conducting fashion business this week in Paris is a Parisian. Designers and brands from European and Asian cities make Paris their home base during Fashion Week; it’s a simple matter of critical mass—everyone’s here.

Tokyo-based designers Miki Aizawa and Aimi Fukumoto of the embellished-denim and killer trench coat line Tu es mon TRÉSOR visit the City of Light this time of year, although they don’t hold a runway show or even a formal presentation. They meet with buyers and editors, and they hang out and catch inspiration in cafés and city streets.


The Flower Bijou parka from Tu es mon TRÉSOR’s look book; courtesy Tu es mon TRÉSOR

And they eat beautiful meals. It’s Paris; that’s part of what you do here, after all. We asked if they had any favorite Japanese spots here, and they do—they also mentioned a few fun French/English joints and an upscale Thai restaurant, too. But it was the special of the house at Nodaiwa that we were most interested in.


Fashion Week SPACE

SPACE Favorites from London Fashion Week

“A lot of times what I feel when I’m here watching the shows is that I’m so honored to be in the company of these women—women like Simone, Molly, Ashley,” says Olivia, after we duck into a Mexican restaurant out in the East End. It’s the last day of London Fashion Week, and we’re between appointments, so now’s the time to take stock.


Olivia Kim with buyer Raul Becerra at lunch.

Each season, in every city, there are one or two collections—and a few key pieces and a few key moments—that stand out among the rest. Here are Olivia and Raul’s favorites from London.



Kicking Off SPACE LAB from Fashion Week

The SPACE team‘s fashion week spreadsheet had five new names on it this season: Eric Schlösberg, Eckhaus Latta, Dilara Findikoglu, A.W.A.K.E, and Vejas. Together, they represent our new shop-in-shop, SPACE LAB.


Details from Dilara Findikoglu’s London Fashion Week presentation.

Debuting today in Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto and online, SPACE LAB is a fashion incubator; it’s a way for Olivia and her team to pay special attention to brands that are operating just a little bit outside the lines, and also just breaking their stride. It’s a way to nurture them and stand by them as their careers make important pivots.

And we do mean stand by them: Even though SPACE LAB is set up to stock and mentor five designers at a time for just one season starting this spring, we met with designers during New York and London Fashion Weeks (we’ll catch up with Vejas in Paris in about a week) to see what they’re presenting for next fall.


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KBEAUTY School with Christine Chang and Sarah Lee from Glow Recipe | Pop-In@Nordstrom: KBEAUTY


To help you discover the best KBEAUTY routine for your individual needs, we consulted experts Christine Chang and Sarah Lee of Glow Recipe. First, here’s what they had to say about Korean beauty in general:

“Korean beauty is all about layering, learning and customizing to suit your skin care needs. The layering of targeted, skin type–optimized treatments is the cornerstone of KBEAUTY … and the ideal of glowing, radiant skin! And it’s not just about products—the application and enjoyment of uniquely sensorial textures are just as much a part of the Korean beauty routine as a great treatment.”

The basic routine:


Now here’s their advice, broken down by skin concerns including acne and oil, dryness and sensitivity, anti-aging care, and dullness.

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom: KBEAUTY


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Dogs’ Best Friends: SPACE Brand Simon Miller’s Daniel Corrigan and Chelsea Hansford

It’s hard to get Daniel Corrigan and Chelsea Hansford, the creative heads behind the luxurious, wearable lifestyle brand Simon Miller, to say much about their friendship and how they balance or juggle their his-and-hers points of view for collections that are made for both men and women. What they will tell you, however, is that each of them has a four-legged best friend, and each will report that these four-legged friends run their lives.


When you and your friend/design partner both really, really love your dogs, you include them in your fall 2017 collection.

Ollie and Marcell, a Shar-Pei mutt and a Valley Bulldog respectively, are so much in charge of their Simon Miller humans that a number of this season’s styles are based on fabric printed with a found vintage stamp that just happens to bear a striking resemblance to both canines. Daniel and Chelsea showed us the pieces, and more, when we stopped by the studio where they were camping out before their Saturday-evening show.


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Inclusive Beauty with Photographer Ashley Armitage | Pop-In@Nordstrom: KBEAUTY

2017 February Pop-in Shop KBEAUTY

We’re big fans of up-and-coming photographer Ashley Armitage, who centers real people in her work for fashion magazines like i-D, Dazed and Teen Vogue. Shining her own artistic (and often pink) light on models not normally seen in the mainstream – with various body shapes, skin colors and identities on the LGBTQIA spectrum – she’s already begun to break through just one year out of college.

For Pop-In@Nordstrom: KBEAUTY, our dive into the addicting world of Korean beauty and skincare, Armitage kept her aesthetic intact and further built out her dreamy world. She shot non-professional models in a simulated bathroom rather than at her house. Rare for her: a few professional models, and one of the non-professional models was a man (second time ever). Since it was a big job with a lot of shots, Armitage hired photo assistants (first time ever) and chose digital format over her beloved Kodak Portra film.

We spoke with her on set about what it’s like being new and in charge. We also learned about her surprising history with Nordstrom and mission to fight the beauty standard and “hack into mass media.”

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom: KBEAUTY


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Photographer Petra Collins Shoots Her Friends for Our Spring Brand Campaign

“I guess what I do is create images for myself and for others,” says Petra Collins. “I create worlds that people can experience and, hopefully, find themselves in.” We asked the Toronto-born artist and photographer how she would describe what she does to someone who knows nothing about Simone Rocha, Balenciaga, one-shoulder tops and fashion sneakers, because in this image-saturated world, it’s getting harder and harder to convey why some pictures are evocative while others just scroll on by. So why not go straight to the source?

“I can’t say what makes my work so special, but what I can say is that I need to create with work and it comes from the bottom of my soul.” 

Lumia Nocito and Adinah Dancyger

Lumia NocitoNational YoungArts winner and U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts candidate for photography 
and Adinah Dancyger, a filmmaker. 
All images by Petra Collins.

Olivia Kim, who has long admired Petra’s work and commissioned the images you see here, put it this way: “[Her] photos capture moments that are real and honest, even when the moment is just friends hanging out talking about pimples and politics. It validates those conversations in the flash of a second. Those are sometimes our most important moments—that is modern life.”

This—our spring brand campaign and video, with the photographer’s friends and familiars in new-season looks from Belstaff to J.W.ANDERSON—is modern life too. We talked to Petra about spring—and other things that feel both of the moment and in the future.

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Unmistakably Korean Materials | Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster

The 2017 series of Pop-Ins at Nordstrom begins with three shops featuring the exciting cultures of Korean fashion and style, curated by Olivia Kim. To start: Gentle Monster, the youthful Korean sunglasses company with a penchant for artistic storytelling.

Beyond making fantastic sunglasses, a big part of the Gentle Monster brand is creative store design. You don’t just inhabit a Gentle Monster retail zone, you get a rich offline experience. We knew they’d do something special for our Pop-In Shops—and they did.

We went straight to the source to learn more, asking Renee Kim, Gentle Monster Associate Space Designer, about the seemingly somber concept behind our joint shops and the meanings behind the Korean materials she used.


SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster


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Offline Experiences: Stories Behind Three Gentle Monster Stores | Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster

The 2017 series of Pop-Ins at Nordstrom begins with three shops featuring the exciting cultures of Korean fashion and style, curated by Olivia Kim. To start: Gentle Monster, the youthful Korean sunglasses company with a penchant for artistic storytelling.


We love the bold, fun designs of Gentle Monster sunglasses, but one thing that’s really intriguing to us is how the Gentle Monster stores—which started five years ago in Seoul and spread through Asia before coming to the U.S.—are basically standalone modern art exhibits. Whether or not you purchase anything, you leave feeling enriched like you went to a museum.

We spoke with Anthony Bae, Gentle Monster head interior designer, to ask one main question about two especially interesting spaces in Seoul and one in Shanghai: What’s the story behind these stores?

SHOP: Pop-In@Nordstrom x Gentle Monster


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