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Fashion Week 2016: Refinery29 Editor Paula Goldstein’s Favorite Shows

If you were Refinery29 Fashion Director Paula Goldstein, you would’ve packed light for what really ought to be called Fashion Month.

“I don’t really bring any dresses at all, because I tend get those loaned to me,” Goldstein told me over a girls’ burger lunch at Café Charlot in Paris. When you’ve got a killer look, a cool attitude and nearly 10 years of fashion industry cred, including stops at Purple and Dazed magazines, everyone wants to outfit you in their collections—and put you in their front row, and have you at their after-party.

annie_georgia_greenberg_paula_goldstein_caroline_issaRefinery29’s Paula Goldstein (left), with Nordstrom Signature collaborator Caroline Issa
and Refinery29 editor Annie Georgia Greenberg


But if you were this Brit-born, New York–based icon in the making, you wouldn’t seem at all affected by that.

You’d have that woke-up-like-this low-key style vibe on lock, and you’d only drop boldface names when boldface questions are asked of you. You’d be crazy easy to hang out with, and you’d make Fashion Week seem like summer camp. And these would be your favorite shows:

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Designer Preview Review 2015: The Night in Images, Obsessions, It Girls and More

Although our first and foremost wish is to make terrific people unreasonably happy (isn’t that what fashion is for, after all?), we consider it a nice bit of icing on the cake when we can knock the designer shoes off the industry elite. Our annual Designer Preview provides a golden opportunity for all that, so immediately after last Thursday’s big event, we circulated the crowd and chatted with thrilled shoppers and visiting dignitaries alike to see how we’d done.

“I’ve been coming for years and this was the best show I’ve seen. The clothes are all so fresh and the energy is really high,” said Seattle flagship regular Lisa Goodman. “I think it’s important for people to see the collections in action like this!”


And then, from Refinery29 style editor Annie Georgia Greenberg: “When you see the shows in New York and Paris, the seasons you’re looking at are so far away, but this is really cool because you can go ‘I want that now,’ and right after the show you can actually have it. All that and beignets and sailboats, too? This is how Fashion Week should be!”

And that almost sums it up—almost. See more images from the runway show, and the before and after, and get some insight from bloggers, editors and fashion lovers after the jump and on our Designer Preview hub.

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What to Wear to Nordstrom Designer Preview

Collections from top American and European designers are almost never shown together on one runway, but each summer Nordstrom pulls together amazing fall looks from Céline, Valentino, Lanvin and more for a best-of-the-best fashion show event known as Designer Preview. This year’s gorgeous parade is on July 23—on the epic Seattle waterfront—and as always, all proceeds benefit the Seattle Art Museum.

An image from Designer Preview 2014

Among those expected in the front row: One of our favorite collaborators, Caroline Issa, and two of the most girl crush-worthy editors from Refinery29, Annie Georgia Greenberg and Paula Goldstein. Instagrammin’ style watchers will recognize Cara Van Brocklin from Cara Loren, Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific and Wendy Nguyen from Wendy’s Lookbook—all flying in for the big event.

You’re invited too, of course—tickets are available via SAMS, Seattle Art Museum’s supporter group. The only question left to settle, then, is what will we all wear?

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