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Get Creative with SPACE LAB Designer Hyein Seo’s Fall Playlist

There’s no better time to harness your creative energy and focus on your goals than fall. Summer fun should have depleted your physical energies, helping you find your chill. And once the weather also chills out, staying inside becomes increasingly appealing. No more excuses; it’s time to get it done.

If you need more encouragement, tune into designer Hyein Seo’s soundtrack. Listening to this playlist nonstop helped her put together her truly inspired fall collection—available now in our SPACE LAB, Olivia Kim’s incubator for on-the-edge fashion talent.

“There’s a list of tracks I listened to as I put up this collection,” Hyein told us. “All of these used to be our season’s theme song, but I listened to them too much, so not anymore.”

Hyein’s meditative and motivating tracks had us so focused throughout the workday, we barely blinked while writing this post.


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Listen Up! Capitol Hill Block Party Edition

Is it weird that we prefer our digital playlists to be the length of an actual CD? (Remember those?) Regardless, that’s how we approached this week’s edition of Listen Up!: with 80 minutes of excellence devoted to the 18th annual Capitol Hill Block Party—one more reason (besides Sasquatch, Bumbershoot and a flurry of smaller fests) why being wedged up here in the country’s top-left corner doesn’t prevent our hometown of Seattle from enjoying stellar music every summer.

CHBP happens next weekend (July 25-27). Look for more coverage coming soon, and in the meantime, scroll down to hear 20 hand-picked tracks from our favorite Block Party artists—including experimental R&B, uplifting electronica, and an extra dose of Spoon (partly to fill in for the A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg tracks that we wanted to play, but didn’t fit our PG-13 editorial standards).

—Justin Abbott
[With song recommendations from Brooklyn Benjestorf, Galen Driver and Sonya Westcott.]