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How to Wear Fishnets Style

How to Wear Fishnets, Fall’s Most Alluring Accessory

A little punky, a bit pinup, the netted stocking has historically been a brazen wardrobe choice. From the Moulin Rouge to Madonna, fishnets simply add sexy. It’s impressive how so little (sometimes so very little) fabric can cause such frisson. And that’s exactly why it’s exciting to see the diamond threads peeking out from all sorts of styles this season.

We asked Nordstrom Styling Director Ruth Basloe how to interpret the hosiery now. Here are her tips for showing a little leg without looking like a showgirl.



Our Styling Director’s Anniversary Sale Picks

Sometimes shopping a uniformly good sale can be overwhelming. There are so many styles, such great prices and, tragically, a limited amount of money in your bank account. That’s definitely the case when it comes to our one-of-a-kind Anniversary Sale. It features next season’s styles at already discounted prices for a limited time only. (The sale ends August 6, and prices go up August 7.) If only someone could be your discount docent and lead you to the pieces you didn’t know your closet needed.

Fear not, fashionable friend: We recruited Nordstrom Styling Director Ruth Basloe to be our guide through all of the fall goodies. Here’s her map to aid your treasure hunting.


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Asking for a Friend: How to Wear a Scarf Now

“Asking for a Friend” is our advice series that seeks to solve all manner of fashion predicaments with the help of our smart and stylish Nordstrom colleagues. 

Scarves, so pretty. So elegant. So confounding. Although this simple strip of fabric is often lauded as an instant outfit upgrade, wearing a scarf is an acquired skill. To that end, we spoke with our Styling Director, Ruth Basloe, on the best ways to wear one now.

How to Wear Scarves

Images by Kristin Yamada

The question: How to wear a scarf without looking like our bubbies? More to the point, how and where do you tie them?

The advice giver: Nordstrom Styling Director Ruth Basloe

The solution: “The freshest way to wear them right now is in place of another type of accessory, so as a necklace, bracelet or belt,” says Ruth. “I’m glad to see scarves having a moment as they come in handy when I can’t be bothered to think about my outfit. I just grab a basic white shirt and pants, and a scarf instantly adds a level of sophistication.”

Below, we’ve got it all tied up for you: some photo inspiration, guidance from Ruth, plus a video that shows ways to wrap a scarf and some shopping links.


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10 Styling Tricks to Update Your Look—Without Buying a Thing

Spring style

Style is mostly about how you wear something, not what you wear. This spring, after examining our packed closets, we turned to Nordstrom Styling Director Ruth Basloe for tips on how to make the most of what we’ve got. Ruth gave us 10 ways to wear things we already own, incorporating small updates to look fresh this season. So here’s how we’ll be wearing everything—along with some street-style inspo and shopping links (in case you feel inclined to buy)!


Fashion Week

The Hottest Cold Shoulders: Jason Wu

All the world loves a shoulder right now. From Burberry’s Gerber print to Vetements’ cutout hoodie, we can’t get enough little peeks and seductively dropped necklines, and there’s no sign that the trend is slowing down.

Jason Wu New York Fall 2017

All images by Indigital Images

And so far at least, Jason Wu‘s got a lock on the genre for fall. In a collection full of sumptuously modern and ever-so-elegantly askew silhouettes for daytime and night, the knits, silks and burnout velvets with their partially baring tops stole the show.


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How Our Nordstrom Styling Director Is Updating Her Look for 2017

Keeping up with fashion trends is a full-time job. In fact, it’s Ruth Basloe’s job. As our Nordstrom styling director, Ruth tirelessly researches designer collections and streetwear style to guide our strategy at Nordstrom. In addition to that, she has to field annoying questions from us like: “Can I wear black socks with white sneakers?” “What style of jacket should I buy this spring?” “Does this look weird?” But she’s always game to offer her good-natured guidance.

For our own reference, we selfishly asked Ruth how she’s updating her wardrobe for 2017. Now we’re generously sharing her pointers and shopping wish list with you!

Paris street style spring 2017
  1. Updated shirting.
    “I love all the new plays on the classic woven shirt: off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, statement sleeves, extra long or oversized,” says Ruth. “I’m hoping to find something that is really unique and interesting in a bold striped pattern.” On Ruth’s wish list: this striped shirtdress from Tibi.


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Get the Look: How to Dress Up Your Hoodie


Photos by Kristin Yamada.

By now, we’re all up to speed on the dominance of the fashion sneaker. Worn to work, with dresses for a night out and at front row during Fashion Week, kicks have become a perennial shoe option regardless of the outfit or outing.

Based on our extensive street reconnaissance, we can now report that the fashion hoodie is the next activewear piece to get the all-the-time treatment. We spoke with our Nordstrom styling director, Ruth Basloe, about all the ways to wear the hooded sweatshirt, including with suits, dresses and heels.


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The New Denim: Styles to Wear Now and What to Do with Your Skinnies

If there was one trend that the Fashion Week fold universally embraced this fall (for Spring 2017—yeah, it’s confusing), it was denim. And that’s not as dull as it sounds. Current denim trends include a multitude of styles that open the door to personal interpretation. It’s tempting to say that if you wear any cut with confidence, you’re in vogue. But there are a few ground rules to consider.

New Denim, Milan street style

Image by Indigital Images

We spoke with Nordstrom Styling Director and our jean therapist Ruth Basloe about this season’s hot styles. She gave us some tips for wearing the trends now.


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What to Wear with Booties: 26 Expert-Approved Ways of Doing It Right

what-to-wear-booties-with 23

This just in from Google: “What to wear booties with” is one of this year’s top searches. As a fashion retailer in a serious long-term relationship with shoes, this is the kind of thing that gets us excited (and feeling slightly remiss for not having said something sooner!). For anyone out there seeking inspiration on how to wear them, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to style booties as seen on the street-style stars of 2015—along with the expert advice of our women’s styling director, Ruth Basloe.

What to wear with booties from Nordstrom.

As part of our Fashion Office, Ruth uses her encyclopedic knowledge of fashion trends and women’s style to translate to the rest of us her perspective on styling that’s as enviable as it is spot-on. Case in point: the following tips on putting the best looks together with—and looking your best in—booties. From making your legs look longer to the most flattering ways to wear this style, be bootie-baffled no more.


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