The Best of Pedro Garcia—in Bilbao, Spain

Over the last few years, Pedro Garcia creative heads Pedro García and Dale Dubovich have become our unofficial ambassadors to Spain. Always ready to list the hot spots and point us toward good beaches and great eats, they’re obviously passionate about their roots and eager to share.

PedroGarcia-Bilbao-blackyellowpolariodsA behind-the-scenes shot from the fall issue of Pedro Garcia’s Made in Spain,
their magazine-style lookbook (all images courtesy 
Pedro Garcia)


Of course, the real proof is in the shoes—and how those shoes are made. Pedro Garcia, the brand, takes a lot of pride in their made-in-Spain ethos—so much so that their seasonal magazine is called Made in Spain. The most recent edition took them to the industrial port of Bilbao to explore, discover and share the city and the fall collection.

We went one step further and traded a few emails with Pedro and Dale to get inside the inside scoop.



Pedro García’s Spain

Fashion gives us access to the world; through brands headquartered in iconic centers of design and beauty across the globe, our wardrobes travel—and we go along for the ride. Today our tour guides are Pedro García designers Pedro García and Dale Dubovich, who invite you to share in the beauty of Spain and their spring collection.

Designers Pedro García and Dale Dubovich in Tenerife, where their spring campaign was photographed

We talked to García and Dubovich about walking stylishly all over the world, and particularly in Spain. In doing so we not only uncovered great tips for your international travel (even if it’s only virtual), but we also got great insight on the cultural factors that influence their style, and the deep history and tradition of Spanish-made footwear.

Thinking about wandering? Let’s go.

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