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Rent Check: Watermelon and Tequila Cocktail Recipe | What’s Cooking, Vancouver Edition

To celebrate our newest store opening–September 18 in Vancouver, Canada—this month we’re showcasing some of our (and your) favorite dishes and recipes that will be coming soon to our 119th store.

Watermelon tequila cocktail recipe Rent Check from Nordstrom. Photo by Jeff Powell

There’s officially just under one month of summer left. Squeeze every drop from those last warm, sunny days and savor this cocktail from our Nordstrom bars showcasing flavors that exploit the end of peak watermelon season.

Bright and refreshing with a nice little kick, our Rent Check cocktail features muddled watermelon, freshly squeezed lime juice, floral St.-Germain liqueur and our sweet and spicy jalapeño simple syrup (as seen in our Smoke & Heat cocktail recipe). A seriously tasty way to raise a glass with friends to the end of a beautiful summer.

Watermelon tequila cocktail recipe, Rent Check from Nordstrom bars. Photo by Jeff Powell.

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The Amelia: Blackberry, Vodka, St. Germain & Lemon Cocktail Recipe | What’s Cooking

The Amelia: Blackberry, Grey Goose Vodka, St. Germain and Lemon Cocktail Recipe from Nordstrom; photo by Jeff Powell.

The Amelia cocktail served at our Nordstrom bars has a lot of great things going for it. It’s well balanced. It has handcrafted appeal and derives maximum flavor from just a small handful of ingredients. It’s also dangerously delicious and refined while being easy enough to prepare at home. This variation on the classic Aviation cocktail–said to be named after Amelia Earhart–is going to the top of my shortlist of adult beverages for entertaining (see our Smoke and Heat Cocktail recipe with Mezcal for another topping that list).

Ingredients: the Amelia: Blackberry, Grey Goose Vodka, St. Germain and Lemon Cocktail Recipe from Nordstrom; photo by Jeff Powell.

In the Amelia, ripe, muddled blackberries lend a seductive color and texture, while St. Germain elderflower liqueur heightens the flavors of summer. Freshly squeezed lemon juice cuts through any overt sweetness with just the right amount of tang. Served up, I chose the vintage look of a coupe cocktail glass, but–as presented at our bars–a classic martini glass equally shows off the beauty of this beverage. Pro tip: as called for in the recipe, try to use superfine (caster) sugar for the glass-rim garnish. Unlike more coarse, granulated sugar, the finely processed crystals feel velvety and melt instantly on contact with your lips.

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