Nick Nelson | Commemorating Pride Month

June is Pride Month–dedicated to celebrating the diversity of the LGBTQ community, honoring its history and host to some of the most wild, colorful parades around the world. This year, we’re asking just some of the many out and inspiring individuals in the fashion and design industries what the month means to them.

Nick Nelson knows style. And you might just know Nick Nelson, too. Or at least recognize his work as a stylist that shows up in magazines like ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar, plus on a few celebs you might have heard of–aka Solange Knowles and Lupita Nyong’o. Check out some stunning examples of Nick’s work in his fashion portfolio.


In a nutshell, what do you do?
I style editorials for fashion magazines, celebrities, TV, advertisements, etc.

What’s your first memory of celebrating Pride Month? 
Grace Jones performing at a Pride event in New York.

What does Pride Month mean to you? 
Celebrating the idea that as civil rights are extended and formal equality achieved, we can move past gay and straight to human.

What are you doing this year to celebrate? 
Hopefully leaving the city and enjoying some quiet time with my boyfriend.

How would you love to see Pride Month evolve in the United States or the world? 
Perhaps less of a party and more of an acknowledgement of the unsung heroes in the LGBTQ community.

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Behind the Scenes at Studio N

Ever wonder what goes on at Nordstrom’s Seattle headquarters? We took a field trip to one of our photography studios for a peek at a day in the life of our stylists, photographers and models.

Studio N in Georgetown is one massive warehouse, split up into several mini studios. On the day of our visit, nearly every one was buzzing with models, art directors and stylists.

We popped in on a product shoot and found a stylist outfitting a model in a summery Diane von Furstenberg dress. Note the gigantic vertical monitor displaying images as they’re shot—handy for spotting and perfecting every fabric wrinkle or flyaway hair.

Chaotic makeup table, or dream vanity? Either way, we found out that there’s definitely a method to the madness.

These Michael Kors vachetta leather wedges were just one of the stylists’ many enviable shoe options.

Speaking of options, behold the studio’s shoe closet. Floor-to-ceiling footwear? Paradise! This Vince Camuto color-blocked sandal was particularly distracting.

Now, let’s take a walk down Merchandise Lane, shall we?

Clothes, clothes and more clothes! Our stylists have to stay super-organized, labeling each piece and putting them all back in the exact, right place, every time.

In another studio down the hall, a stylist puts the finishing touches on a male model’s shirt. He’s already got his stance down, broad shoulders and all.

We’re never short of inspiration around here. A magnetic bulletin board showcases the latest looks catching our collective eye.

And that’s a wrap! Tell us what you think of our insiders’ tour—we’ll be bringing you more behind-the-scenes action as we unveil our spring photography. Stay tuned!