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Pop-in@Nordstrom x Hanes Chats with Dean the Basset (via Assistant Carly Bright)


It’s a dog’s life. At least on Instagram, where social-media sensation Dean the Basset has racked up 200,000 followers at the tender age of three (hey, that’s 21 in dog years!). With a penchant for pizza and comfy tees, turns out this cool Canadian canine is just like the rest of us.

We interviewed him recently on his new role in fashion, his future ambitions and his close friendship with Olivia Kim, our VP of Creative Projects and curator of the Pop-In shops.

Catch Our Full Q&A with Dean

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ban.do: The Brand That Just Wants to Have Fun (Creative Mastermind Jen Gotch on Optimism, ban.do Tees for Pop-In and Prop Styling at Nordstrom)

Plausible upcoming scenario: You wake up on the wrong side of the bed on a dark, rainy day. You have no idea what to wear, but you know you and your outfit need an instant mood boost. Then you remember your new ban.do T-shirt you scored at Pop-In@Nordstrom x Hanes. It might be the one touting the rosy mantra ‘No Bad Days’, it might be a big, red heart—or it might be the ‘I Did My Best’ tee (because who among us doesn’t need to be reminded of this too-true self-affirmation?). Whatever your choice of ban.do T-shirt, one look in the mirror after you’ve slipped it on should cue spontaneous rays of sunshine accompanied by a heavenly choir. Or at least help put things into perspective.

And that’s the point of ban.do, the L.A. lifestyle brand whose official tagline insists ‘we are serious about fun.’ Founded by self-proclaimed eternal optimist Jen Gotch, ban.do wants to lock down the positive vibes, no matter what kind of day you’re dealing with.

That kind of branding is rooted in personal relevance for Jen, who sold the company a few years back so she could focus solely on its creative vision. As she puts it, “The interesting thing with building a brand when you don’t set out to build a brand is that things just happen because they’re what you gravitate towards.”


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Pop-In@Nordstrom x Hanes and The Wild World of Nicopanda

Nicopanda’s design director, Zachary Ching, shares some brand and inspo intel.



Long Live Your New Tee from Pop-In@Nordstrom x Hanes

It’s cool, collectible and pretty much irreplaceable (at least once our Pop-In stock sells out), so keep it wearable for years to come with a few of these simple laundry tips.

Wash your tee in cold water on gentle cycle whenever possible. (Don’t feel bad if you have to use warmer water occasionally to knock out some stains. That temp spike is legit.)

Skip the dryer and use an indoor drying rack. Heat can cause fading, pilling, shrinking and even sleeve deformities.

Ironing T-shirts, like ironing sheets, is a personal call. (If you dry your tee on a rack, wrinkles should be minimal.) If you have to use an iron, turn the tee inside out and press the iron down, then lift up and press another spot. Moving the iron in circular motions tugs on the fabric, leaving your beloved tee possibly deformed.

Avoid dry-cleaning an embroidered tee—the harsh chemicals can damage the fibers. Instead, turn it inside out, throw it in a mesh laundry bag and wash on cool. Save your cash, save your shirt.



Pop-In@Nordstrom x Hanes T-Shirt Lookbook

We took a few of our favorite T-shirts to the laundromat for a spin. Check out some of the highlights from this special collection—including Nicopanda T-dresses, a Juicy Couture 3-pack and other unexpected cotton-blend delights. All sparkling clean and ready to be worn.


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Talking About Cute Pups, Cool Tees and Giving Back with n:Philanthropy Founder Yvonne Niami

n:Philanthropy's Yvonne Niami

Yvonne Niami with her rescue Papillon pup, Paris

Known for toughening up supersoft tees and cotton pullovers with strategic distressing and laces, n:Philanthropy makes wardrobe basics surprisingly cool.

But the label isn’t just about looking great: the L.A. company donates ten percent of its net proceeds to pediatric cancer research and animal abuse prevention, focusing its charitable giving on the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In 2016, the company donated $350,000 to these organizations and other local charities. So far this year, the company has donated $200,000. Plus, when it comes to animal welfare, at n:Philanthropy headquarters it’s not uncommon for rescue pups to double as coworkers.   


Our Favorite Graphic Tees, Sundry Watercolor graphic tee Style

Our Favorite Graphic Tees This Summer

Our Favorite Graphic Tees, Sundry Watercolor graphic tee

Some days you just want to slip on a tee and jeans—and that’s OK. There’s a reason it’s a classic combo.

To aid in your causal Friday or any day, here are some shirts that make easy dressing super stylish. These will be tops you’ll reach for again and again to solve your clothing conundrums.



Set Sail with Wildfox

Anyone else counting down to the weekend? Wildfox, the Los Angeles-based knitwear brand, has just the style you need for your next great escape. Grab your getaway bag and hit the high seas with a few bikinis and flirty tees (that also happen to be Nordstrom exclusives).

Summer Adventures: Wildfox ‘London Heart’ Sweatshirt (Nordstrom Exclusive)


Bon Voyage: Wildfox ‘Putting on the Glitz’ Tee (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Smooth Sailing: Wildfox ‘NYC 4 Lovers’ V-Neck Tee (Nordstrom Exclusive)

SPF Hot: Wildfox ‘Glamour Puss’ Tee (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Making Waves: Wildfox ‘Manhattan’ V-Neck Tee (Nordstrom Exclusive)

This exclusive cotton tee collection was inspired by Wildfox designer Kimberley Gordon’s love for the Big Apple.

“New York has everything; there is always something incredible to do. The weather can change from moment to moment and the sunny, summer party can suddenly become a dance party in the rain,” she says. “Everything is alive, like the city itself has a pulse. Taking off to the Hamptons on a whim, driving across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise, hailing a cab on a busy street—you’re in it and so alive.”

Get to know Wildfox’s Kimberley Gordon in our Behind the Seams interview.