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Donna Karan on Turtlenecks & Yoga, Fashion Week for a Bike Messenger, a Model & Her Brownies and an Important Postscript on Black

Fashion Week Journal for Wednesday, February 18

Fashion requires strength and stamina, and perhaps no designer better embodies the stylishly healthy and fit angle better than Donna Karan. We talked with her previous to her recent offering about how she stays on top of her game.


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What You’re Noticing About Runway Hair and Box Clutches, Marc by Marc’s Off-Duty Models, Graffiti Glam for Naeem Khan and Narciso Rodriguez’s Sophisticated Lunar New Year

Fashion Week Journal for Tuesday, February 17

You’ve been watching the shows and you’ve no doubt picked up on a certain something happening with the models and their hair. Can’t quite put a finger on it? We talked to colorist Victoria Hunter, co-owner of the Whittemore House Salon and major collaborator with major brands and their major hair moments, to get her break-down on it.

You know what’s crazy, though? Later in the day I got an email from Hunter who said that, on the behest of the designers a certain model was walking for, _____________ (the unnamed big name model) actually didn’t go for color, she too went for the absence of color. Black. Which just underscores what the hair trend pro detailed for us in that video embedded above. So. There you go.

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