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Sweaty Betty Founder Tamara Hill-Norton on Reshaping an Industry—and Your Bum

It’s London, the late ’90s, and Tamara Hill-Norton just wants some cool, great-fitting athletic clothes. She’s new to the city, trying to stay active, but can’t find any sports stores catering to women. Her solution? Open one.

Bold, definitely, but also calculated. “I wanted to shake up the activewear market,” she says, “to create clothing for women that want to look good and work out.” Twenty years later and the industry has most certainly shifted. Activewear is now so stylish, so comfortable, we wear it all the time, workout or not. For instance, we can’t wait to wear (and yes, break a sweat in) Hill-Norton’s now legendary line, Sweaty Betty, available at Nordstrom April 5—today!

We spoke to Hill-Norton about her balanced approach to health, starting a business and wearing Sweaty Betty bum-sculpting leggings to the bar.