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Asking for a Friend: How to Wear Black and Brown

“Asking for a Friend” is our style advice series.

One of the great lies men are told about dressing is not to mix black with brown. The same warning is often issued for navy with black. This is not good advice! These colors look good together and you should do what looks right to you.

We especially encourage mixing black and brown. Coming off the streetwear trend in recent years of high-contrast black-and-white combos, substituting brown for white offers a relaxing change of pace.

In the outfit above, you may notice a new silhouette of pants: baggy. It’s a bit of a fashion killa move, but if you want to dress like our fashion hero Josh Peskowitz, you’ll give it a whirl.

Check out more new silhouettes and outfit inspiration below: you’ll find tapered pants, ideas for how to layer up top, and plenty of black and brown.

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Frozen Rosé and Ziplines in Australia and New Zealand | Travel Diary

Our series about wanderlust-worthy vacation hotspots, with local picks (and gorgeous pics) from our intrepid Nordstrom crew.

February Travel Diary

Who: Natalia Valle, assistant buyer, menswear

Where: Sydney and Cairns, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand

Why did you choose this destination?

I do one large international trip a year and I have a friend who is currently traveling the world. She happened to be in Australia for the holidays—which is their summertime. It felt like the ideal time to travel to one of the farthest places on earth and meet up with my good friend. Plus, summer in the middle of winter seemed pretty spectacular.


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Asking for a Friend: How to Wear Sandals Like a Normal Person?


Images by Jesse Rivera; styling by Jodi Taylor; modeling by Doug Ta’a

Summer is here and sandals are on our mind and feet—and not sandals worn purely for function, like beach flip-flops or shower shoes for the funky locker-room floor. We’re talking about sandals worn out in the world, for style.

Drop “mandal” from your lexicon immediately (to ensure it dies, don’t even say it in jest). While we can’t endure that term, we sympathize with your sandal anxiety. Not every guy can wear them with style; that’s what makes this a medium-to-high-swagger move. You’ll have to BYO confidence.

We spoke with men’s senior stylist Jodi Taylor on how to wear sandals and discussed the big puzzler: socks or no socks. As usual, she had the answers.

—Andrew Matson


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Lightweight Coats for Spring: Considering the Coach’s Jacket


One of our favorite style writers, Jacob Gallagher over at the Wall Street Journal, recently highlighted the coach’s jacket: a clean lightweight coat which resembles a shirt jacket and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the situation.

Click here to read the piece. Gallagher has a good way of explaining this garment as an American classic and placing it in the context of fashion’s ongoing ’90s revivalism.

We love the coach’s jacket for its looks and its versatility, working year-round as a layering piece but perhaps most perfect in spring, worn by itself.

Most coach’s jackets have a nylon shell. Gallagher’s article contains praise for ACNE‘s version, one of our favorites: it doesn’t wrinkle and stays sharp. The jacket you see above is by Saturdays NYC and made from cotton. Four more options are below for your consideration.

coach2Shop coach’s jackets from: Saturdays NYC | Zanerobe | ACNE Studios | Robert Graham | Native Youth

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