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Talking About Great Danes and Good Man Brand with Pro Football Star Russell Wilson

Quarterbacks aren’t supposed to seem oddly clear-headed during what is technically called a “scramble.” But with Russell Wilson, what is really a run for his life often ends up looking like a jog through the park. We’re blown away by his abilities and especially his grace under fire.

As one of the faces of our Anniversary Sale, Wilson talked with us about football, philanthropy, and his modern men’s clothing venture Good Man Brand.

What do you love about the Nordstrom “One-of-a-Kind” Anniversary Sale? Why is it a great time to shop?

Shopping at Nordstrom is always fun and easy. Who doesn’t love finding the newest styles of the season at sale prices? This year I am especially excited for the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom since Good Man Brand, a new fashion lifestyle brand that I am a co-founder of, will be featured.  What an honor for Good Man Brand to have been selected by the Nordstrom buyers to be a part of this event alongside some the best and biggest brands in the world. We think it will help us take a huge step towards setting up our brand for long term success.

How’s it going with Good Man Brand?

The Good Man Brand business has been solid from the start!  We are in our third season now. The collection is sold in approximately 200 of the finest stores in America. The response has been strong from our retail partners, especially Nordstrom! Your team provided us great feedback that customers are choosing Good Man Brand because it’s modern, comfortable and most importantly it’s easy to wear for any occasion. Living a modern life means you have to be ready for anything. At Good Man Brand we focus on constant innovation, making products that make living life easier. Comfort is the key ingredient!

You are a busy guy. How do you juggle being a top tier NFL Quarterback and an active involved entrepreneur?

Three things are essential to creating success. First, it starts with having a vision of what it is you want to accomplish. Second, it’s about surrounding yourself with a great team: people who are smart, can think creatively, and who have a strong internal drive to do what is necessary to be successful. Lastly, it’s about execution, trusting your gut and never stopping until the job is done. At Good Man Brand, we are a small team where everyone wears multiple hats, but we all work towards one unified vision of making products that make living life easier. We are relentless in our efforts to create solutions for our customers based on that vision.

We are curious, what’s are the differences preparing for a NFL defense versus preparing for competition in business?

There are many similarities between the two. As is the case in all professional sports, the competition in the NFL is fierce. To give yourself and your team the best chance for the win it is a matter of combining preparation and hard work so that you can execute at the highest levels of your ability.  Most often success and failure are separated by a very thin line. With business, knowing your competition is extremely important, every detail matters: what they’re the best at, what their opportunities are, even knowing what their fears might be. 

I approach game preparation and business opportunities exactly the same way. There is a process flow that I follow that gives me the edge to succeed. This requires tremendous preparation so that when the opportunity emerges we are on the balls of our feet ready to meet the challenge head-on and prevail. It’s easier said than done, but those that are willing to work both hard and smart usually will come out on top.

We applaud your involvement with Seattle Children’s Hospital and general commitment to giving back. Why is philanthropy important to you?

I’ve been very blessed throughout my life but I’ve also endured hardship. We all have. It’s important to stay focused on helping others any way we can. Not only does it bring me joy to see the smiling faces of the children at Seattle Children’s but it warms my heart knowing that the work we are doing can and hopefully will save their lives. There is no greater feeling.

Let’s talk about your personal life: What can you tell us about your Great Danes? What do you love most about those dogs?

Prince and Namoi are great. They’re loyal, loving and part of the family. Not only do they make us laugh everyday but, man, can they provide some serious entertainment with their wrestling matches. As any dog owner knows, they really are your best friend. They’ll love you no matter what, they greet you with the warmest welcome and they’re always around when you need them most.

What’s your favorite Ciara song?

All of them.

Any new-father jitters?

No way, being a dad is one of the greatest blessings in the world. 

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