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New York Fashion Week S/S 2016: Tanya Taylor + Paul Andrew = Perfect

We first met Tanya Taylor in person at Paris Fashion Week, when her deft handling of pattern-on-pattern-on-print was held up in the CFDA Americans in Paris exhibit. The relative newcomer’s totally wearable but wholly fresh vibe has been buzzing in the most chic kind of way ever since, making her presentation one of the most anticipated of the week.


It was lovely to walk in and see, immediately, designer footwear wunderkind Paul Andrew in the audience because that could only mean one thing: the two had teamed up once again for Taylor’s collection. The delicately beautifully and fantastically narrative flower-spotted, crystal-studded, lucite-heeled sandals were a sort of counterbalance to the volume and layers of Taylor’s ready-to-wear looks.


Because make no mistake about it: Taylor is not afraid of volume. Or, should we say, Taylor’s girls are not afraid of it. Like Harley Viera-Newton, who showed up at the same time we did. As our Street Style reports bear out, there’s no shortage of oversized silhouettes out there, and Taylor’s feel fresh and of the moment.


The apron dresses, mixed pattens and prints, and That One Really Amazing Sweater (below) give us plenty of reason to stand behind Tanya Taylor. In terms of iconic American sportswear designed, she’s definitely on the rise.

tanyatayloramazing sweater

And in terms of iconic American footwear designers, make sure you’ve marked your calendar for September 16, when Paul Andrew presents his full spring line. We’ll be there to cover it, and we’ll tell you all about it just as soon as we can.

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—Laura Cassidy