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Tesla Opens a Showroom in Nordstrom The Grove

Angelenos will want to make Nordstrom The Grove a waypoint this weekend. Beginning Saturday, a Tesla Motors gallery featuring the all-electric Model X—Tesla’s sport utility vehicle that performs like a sports car—will be located in the store’s men’s department. Customers are invited to stop by the small showroom to experience interior and trim choices in the Tesla Design Studio, and even go on test drives with Tesla employees.

Tesla Gallery in Nordstrom the Grove

Rendering by Tesla Motors

During Father’s Day weekend, demonstration drives will be happening throughout the day in 10 Model X’s. If Dad wants to go for a spin, don’t fear his whipping out a checkbook on the spot: purchases can’t be made at the gallery at this time—he’ll have to go online, which Tesla staff can facilitate, or head to a licensed Tesla store.

Our bet is that dads won’t be the only shoppers seduced by the Model X. Luxury interiors and high-tech design—including Falcon Wing doors and a panoramic windshield with solar tinting, which seamlessly blends frontal and overhead views—are just a few touches that make this vehicle peerless. Additionally, without gas, the Model X rockets from zero to 60 in a mere 3.2 seconds. A 90 kWh battery provides 257 miles of range on a single charge. It seats seven adults comfortably and has a 5,000-pound towing capacity, all while handling like a zippy two-seater.

Need we go on?

The gallery will be at The Grove through 2016, and perhaps indefinitely—so on your next Nordstrom trip, swing by to see this sleek vehicle. Just think of all the shopping bags it could hold.

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