The Kooples, New at Nordstrom

Alexandre, Laurent and Raphael Elicha, the brothers behind the his-and-hers hipster collection The Kooples, give The Thread the scoop on why women find borrowing from men to be très chic.

THE THREAD: There’s an artful precision to your Brit-meets-Parisian chic aesthetic. As your brand makes its mark in the U.S., which details, cuts and fabrications do you want customers to take notice of this season?

ALEXANDRE, LAURENT & RAPHAEL: They’ll notice how we combine traditional elegant tailoring with a rock-chic spirit. The Kooples revisits classics with a collection that’s rich in contrasting fabric, new shapes and large patchworks of patterns, all of which symbolize the house’s DNA. We’re rooted in self-expression and stylish looks. Some of our iconic pieces include the cotton shirt, the single-button suit, the double-breasted coat and the leather biker jacket, which are reinterpreted with refined leather details for a city-smart result—with a twist.

Parisian Persuasion: The Kooples Sheer Flower Print Blouse, Shiny Woven Jacket & Shiny Woven Pants

For the Love of Fashion: Models Alice Gomme and Adam Holden celebrate their five-month romance in the fall/winter ’13 campaign.

The style and allure of real-life couples are the highlight of your ad campaigns. What’s the criteria to be considered as a Kooples couple?

There are no criteria apart from love! When we started the Kooples adventure, the idea was to develop collections for functional couples that harmonize and complement each other mutually.

Nonchalant Cool: The Kooples Contrast Collar Jacket

What would you define as the essential items for building a his-and-hers wardrobe?

We define The Kooples’ silhouette by its effortlessly cool style with a Parisian twist. The Kooples unravels the traditional notion of separate men’s and women’s clothing and creates concepts that fuse and mingle the collections. The iconic piece of the house that we would definitely recommend in a Kooples wardrobe would be black leather. Perfecto!

Edgy Romance: The Kooples Lace & Tweed Dress

Discover The Kooples, where ultimate vintage style meets a dash of on-trend romanticism.

Qianna Smith
Product shots courtesy of The Kooples
Store photos by Ford Leland