Fashion Week Street Style

The Modern Nomad

As is often the case in spring, designers look to exotic cultures for inspiration. This seems even more relevant this season as the idea of escape comes into play.

African tribal references provide a rich source for bold print and embellishments. What’s new here—once again—is the clean, modern approach.



The spice route also shows up on this journey as a reference point for color and crafted details. The approach is just as simple with a single component of ornamentation making the statement.



More subtle are the easy, draped or wrapped pieces, which reference authentic indigo dyes and ombre effects.



Another play on the important maxi dress completes the different ideas that all live within this modern nomad trend. For each section, it’s an eclectic mix of references, but the end result is not.

It’s so beautifully modern and perfect for spring and leading into summer.