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The Right Mud Treatment for Your Skin, the Best Eats in L.A. and More with GLAMGLOW Founders Glenn & Shannon Dellimore

Back when it all started in 2010, GLAMGLOW was so exclusive it didn’t have a name and could be found only in mysterious plain containers at sound stages across Hollywood for use solely by makeup artists. With a cult following of celebrities who appreciated its ability to produce camera-ready skin in no time, word of mouth among industry insiders quickly reached the public and grew this “magic mud” into the super-popular line of treatments and cleansers we thankfully all have access to today.

Founders Glenn and Shannon Dellimore gave us some time to talk about their brand’s beginnings, which mud is right for any skin concern and their favorite places in Los Angeles, which they call home.


What’s the story behind GLAMGLOW? How did it all get started?
GLAMGLOW was born when Shannon and I were at a dinner party in the Hollywood Hills. That night, an actor friend confided he could not find a product to make his skin camera-ready in minutes—a product that could instantly refine pores, diminish visible imperfections, reduce fine lines and produce a noticeable glow that lasted for days. This became a topic of conversation and the verdict among fellow actors was unanimous. There was not a convenient, easy-to-use skin care product designed for instant camera-ready skin. With no background in skin care we set out to create a unique treatment for our friends armed with our imagination and a handful of willing celebrity test subjects. Extensive research led us to create a revolutionary formula that exceeded all expectations.

What’s different about GLAMGLOW products? What makes them special and so coveted by all the celebs?
When we created GLAMGLOW we paid no attention to price when choosing active ingredients. We wanted the products to work and work instantly, so we chose the world’s finest ingredients. YOUTHMUD contains French sea clay, which happens to be one of the most expensive muds in the world because it comes straight from the Mediterranean Sea and gets its nutrients from millions of years of marine life. GLAMGLOW’s patented TEAOXI technology revolutionized skin care by using real tea leaves to steep active ingredients directly into the mud for powerful, immediate results.

YOUTHMUD, SUPERMUD, THIRSTYMUD, BRIGHTMUD, POWERMUD. They’re all amazing, but can you tell us a little more about each and help our readers choose which one is right for them?

YOUTHMUD is a powerful anti-aging and exfoliating treatment that gives skin a three-day glow. Green tea leaf is a super ingredient for treating dull skin, and YOUTHMUD has real pieces of green tea leaf that deliver the antioxidant EGCG and super-moisturizing squalene directly into the skin to hydrate and balance oil production and increase oxygen flow so skin comes alive for a noticeable three-day glow. Volcanic rock provides surface exfoliation that leaves skin smoother and softer and revitalizes dull, dry skin, and GLAMGLOW’s French sea clay detoxifies and awakens the skin by drawing out impurities without removing natural oils. It helps tone, tighten and lift the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines for a more youthful complexion.glamglow-supermud2

SUPERMUD is probably the world’s best-known detoxifying treatment and a perfect pre-makeup treatment to diminish the look of pores and help fight skin concerns. Our incredible formula contains a proprietary blend of K17 purified clay, activated charcoal and six different AHA and BHA acids. These ingredients work to draw out impurities and the mask extracts 500 times its own mass in oils, toxins and bacteria. Pores are vacuum-extracted right before your eyes for flawless, clear skin.glamglow-thirstymud2

THIRSTYMUD is an ultra-hydrating treatment that delivers hyaluronic, citric and linoleic acids from real pieces of olive leaf. While gingerroot detoxes pores, minuscule clay particles soak up water and hold it below the skin’s surface for ultimate healing benefits. Use as a 20-minute treatment, in-flight or overnight for ultimate hydrating benefits.


BRIGHTMUD is the world’s first tap-on, wipe-off eye treatment that depuffs, reduces dark circles and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just three minutes. It combines mud, caffeine and peppermint to cool the skin, stimulate lymphatic drainage and boost collagen production. Simply tap on, wait three minutes and wipe off for instant results.


POWERMUD is the world’s first dual deep-cleaning treatment that unites the power of mud for clarifying with the power of oil to deliver essential fatty acids and minerals for nourished skin. POWERMUD’s mud-to-oil treatment is a powerfully gentle treatment that removes the weekly buildup of dirt, oil and makeup. A blend of kaolin, bentonite, bio-mineral green clay and rare Brazilian white clay texturizes skin, reduces excessive shine, absorbs dirt and delivers micronutrient plant matter to the skin while rare, deep-cleansing oils such as pine, prickly pear, frankincense and myrrh cleanse, tone, renew and neutralize free radicals. Real velvet mullein leaf steeps fatty acids, minerals and saponins into the skin for a gorgeous glow.

Our new GRAVITYMUD will be available at Nordstrom in a few weeks and is an out-of-this-world instant firming treatment that lifts, tightens and tones face, neck and décolleté for super sexy contours. The formula is packed with hyaluronic acid to give skin an instant plump, as well as Icelandic kelp, algae extract, antioxidants and marshmallow and licorice leaf to help skin look and feel firmer. The innovative formula changes color from white to a brilliant chrome and peels off to leave skin feeling tighter, lifted and toned.

How do you recommend incorporating both your treatments and cleansers into a routine? Are they meant to be used as pairs, say SUPERMUD and SUPERCLEANSE, or can you mix and match? Please give us your expert advice!
GLAMGLOW’s daily cleansers are the first mud-to-foam cleansers and are the perfect start to your routine and gentle enough to use every day. Mixing and matching is strongly recommended depending on your skin. For example, Shannon rotates between SUPERCLEANSE in the morning and POWERCLEANSE in the evening.

You can use any of the treatment masks with any of our cleansers. There is no right or wrong combination; it just depends on what your skin needs.

Other than using GLAMGLOW treatments and cleansers, what are your tips and secrets for maintaining healthy skin inside and out?
What you put in your body is what you see on your skin, so it’s really important to drink a lot of water and eat healthy, nutritious foods and start your glow from within.


Last question! Living in the Hollywood Hills, what 5 places would you recommend to friends who’ve never been to the area when they visit L.A.?
1. Lake Hollywood Park is a hidden gem with a beautiful view of the Hollywood Sign. It’s a great place to have a little picnic lunch and a glass of champagne to toast.

2. Our new favorite restaurant for dinner is Bestia in downtown Los Angeles. It has a great vibe and the food is absolutely amazing, not to mention their unique fresh-ingredient drinks are delish.

3. In West Hollywood a must for lunch is a delicious vegan restaurant called Gracias Madre. It is so yummy, you wouldn’t even know it’s vegan.

4 & 5. If you enjoy a nature hike, we recommend  Coldwater Canyon Park. You can start off the hike from Mulholland Drive at the TreePeople Center for Community Forestry. TreePeople is a nonprofit organization that works with both communities and government to grow a climate-resilient Los Angeles, with enough tree canopy, local water and healthy soil for our sustainable future.