The Sounds of Vancouver, B.C., with Richard MacFarlane of 1080p Collection | Listen Up!

richardmacfarlaneipadImages by Andrew Volk

Since we’re opening our third Canadian store on September 18th in Vancouver, B.C., we’ve been renewing our love affair with the city, cruising around with 1080p Collection music bumping in our headphones.

That would be the internationally respected dance music label run out of Vancouver by Richard MacFarlane, who releases cassette tapes and floods the Internet with chill vibes. (Sorry we just said “chill vibes” but it had to be done.)

We spoke to MacFarlane about the natural beauty and the music scene in his adopted hometown–he left New Zealand because he felt the country wasn’t cool enough, musically–and which 1080p releases convey the most Vancouverishness.

Check the interview and see images from 1080p headquarters below.

–Andrew Matson


Rivers, lakes, record labels and stand-up paddleboarding

I’ve lived in Vancouver for going on three years. It’s way more amazing than I had expected.

From a basic level, the city planning is really good compared to where I was in New Zealand, Auckland. Getting around is easy and it’s small enough to bump into people. Recently I’ve been getting out to lakes around B.C., and just tripping out on the fact that it’s all so close. You can drive 30 minutes to mountains.

Recently I went to somewhere in the interior, Nahatchlatch River. Closer to Vancouver, Sasamat Lake was really cool. Going out to Squamish is amazing. Also I’ve been exploring the Gulf Islands here: Bowen Island and I had a cabin with some friends in Galiano Island for a little while. I tried stand-up paddleboarding there. It’s amazing. I feel like I want to become addicted to that.

There’s always lots of shows in Vancouver and people are always deejaying and putting on events. And labels starting up, like my friend Soledad who runs this label Genero, which is an all-woman label–which is really cool to see that happening. And there’s labels like Moodhut and Pacific Rhythm doing really well here. There’s also More Than Human.


Musically evoking the Gulf Islands

As you’re driving around Vancouver, B.C., I would recommend listening to the Lnrdcroy Much Less Normal album [ed. pronounced “Leonard Croy”]. Big B.C. vibe coming off that. Lnrdcroy’s music is really responding to the landscapes here in this classic 1990s electronica way. In the same way that Boards of Canada has a landscape vibe.

That was when the label had been going for a little while, and I had been in school studying web design, and been becoming aware of different friends who were making music. At the same time I did the Khotin release and the D. Tiffany release. Khotin’s from Edmonton but he lives here in here now. That’s all connected with Vancouver.

So many releases from those Vancouver artists–like the recent one by Journeyman Trax–evoke the Gulf Islands: really foggy, sounds like walking on a slightly muggy winter day through a rainforest.

As we continue getting into a Vancouver frame of mind, stay tuned for more music picks and commentary from MacFarlane next week.