The Stone Roses, Painting with Light and Fall Fashion Behind the Scenes Images with Ashley Jahncke | Photographer Q&A

yc6We recently shot fall fashion photos in New York City and cannot wait to share the final results with you via our catalog and website. But that must wait until fall.

Right now, here’s your sneak peek at the season to come with behind-the-scenes images from photographer Ashley Jahncke–whose work we fell in love with through Bullett Magazine.

We spoke on the phone with Jahncke about the shoot, her background in painting and some non-photographer influences: she’s heavily into Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes and the Stone Roses.

Keep reading to see more behind the images and to learn which visual art exhibition recently blew Jahncke’s mind and she suggests you check out if you’re in NYC this month.


The shoot

We were in Chelsea and it was an amazing team, laid-back and fun. The clothes were a 1970s vibe, flow-y. It was very New York. [Lead photographer] Zoe [Grossman] was an incredible photographer to watch. It was my first time shooting for Nordstrom. I love what Nordstrom does, and I was glad to learn that there was such a good team behind the brand. Because you don’t always get that with fashion, or any kind of job.

[Loud sirens.] Two seconds ago it was dead silent, here. I’m sorry.


Road to fashion

My background is in fine art. I went to school in London, Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, and studied painting. I painted from images that I took. After college, my photography continued from there. I’ve always taken photos since I was young. I’m self-taught. I got into photography professionally after college, through an internship where they sent me to New York Fashion Week and I fell in love with it.



Whether I’m doing behind the scenes photography or portraits, I try and capture moments that were not planned. I try and capture a split-second.



I prefer to shoot with natural, available light. I like the elements working in my photos. I use wind and everything to my advantage. I do use studios, but I find I’m more inspired and get more unique imagery when I’m outside.



Artwork is more inspiring to me for my photography than other photographs, painting specifically, because when I’m taking photographs I’m painting with light. I’m shooting with a painter’s eye. Visiting galleries inspires me the most. Right now in New York, there is so much good stuff. I went to this gallery in Chelsea, Doosan, and there was this piece by Jun Uk Kang, a sculpture that was moving in the gallery and creating shadows. The sculpture moved and made noise and worked together with the shadows. It was called A Man Without Words. I would definitely recommend seeing that. I stumbled upon it and it was a fantastic surprise.