The Top Five List: Get ’Em Before They’re Gone | Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics

Just a week to go before last call on our favorite versions of iconic life essentials, so here are the top five get-’em-before-they’re-gone brands from Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classicsbecause what’s a call to action without a proper guide? Custom logos, shades with history, embroidered button-ups that look better on her than him… All good things may come to an end, sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out looking like a winner.

Arc'teryx Beta jacket: Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics.

1. Arc’teryx

Known far and wide as the leader in serious performance gear, Vancouver, BC-based Arc’teryx can add superior fit, minimalist design and loads of cool new technologies to their long list of noteworthy trademarks. But if you’re going to zip into one of their impeccably assembled designs, it should definitely be these his-and-hers Beta LT jackets.

Arc'teryx: Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics.

Get ready to geek out over the out-of-this-world Beta—we’re talking helmet-accommodating StormHoods™, breathable Gore-Tex®, an ergonomic three-dimensional fit and WaterTight zippers. (Now with 100% more custom-designed Pop-In logos!)



Made to order, served hot. This bespoke shirtelier produces each borrowed-from-the-boys button-up with custom embroidery and ultrafine fabrics. Journey a little further back in time with four exclusive New Classics styles, each specially paired with era-specific musings and color combos.


3. Randolph Engineering

So you want to be a sky jockey, do you? First things first: Snap up a pair of handcrafted, ultra-durable aviators, responsibly manufactured in the good ole US of A since 1972. After supplying the U.S. Air Force demand, Randolph took on the commercial market in the late ’80s—and good thing they did, because now you can soak in just the right amount of visible light (12%-18% to be sort of exact) from behind an iconic pair of scratch-resistant, fighter-pilot-worthy sunglasses.


4. Schott NYC

Schott flight jackets and Felix the Cat have a lot in common—from being born in the early 1900s to becoming national symbols of protection during WWII—so it’s no surprise these supple leather James Dean favorites now come with an extra lucky charm. Zip into your very own piece of Pop-In-exclusive, real-deal Americana, complete with a hand-painted Felix who’s literally got your back no matter how bumpy the ride.


5. BASE Range

Imagine you’re perched on a window bench seat reveling in your sustainably sourced and designed skivvies, the Baltic breeze and the steam of your morning coffee wafting around you like a heady bath as early light pours over the Copenhagen street below. With simply sensuous pieces from BASE Range, a line conceived by Danish designer Marie-Louise Mogensen, this could totally be your life. Well, maybe minus the Copenhagen part.

Remember, friends: buy the best, keep it for life, look good while you’re at it.


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—Mona Lee