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The Weekend Guide: April 15-17

Kevin MorbyHEAR: Singing Saw by Kevin Morby
If comparisons to the lyrical geniuses Lee Hazelwood, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan haven’t been enough to lure you to Kevin Morby’s albums, well, then we don’t have words for you. Morby’s third release, his best to date, features lush folk-rock mixed with flourishes from a saxophone (“Destroyer”), a trumpet (“Dorothy”) and a gospel choir (“I Have Been to the Mountain”).

DO: Obscura Day
Digital encyclopedia of global oddities Atlas Obscura invites you to embark on an adventure this Saturday. Sign up for any number of group outings to bizarre places like the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn; the House of Balls in Minneapolis; Kiev’s death mask museum; a secret garden party in a New York City cemetery; the Harry Partch Instrumentarium in Seattle; Tieranatomisches Theater in Berlin; or a concert in Oslo’s Emanuel Vigeland Museum and Mausoleum.

Record Store Day
Even if you’re not into collecting vinyl, Record Store Day (also Saturday) brings abundant treats for the music enthusiast. Local retailers often host performers, exclusive releases and product rollouts; plus, fans gather en masse to share rare finds. Rolling Stone has a comprehensive guide to the major record releases and reissues coinciding with this year’s event. But just drop into your local music store to see what’s playing.

Dior Polk Dot VernisAPPLY: Dior Vernis Polka Dots Manicure Kit
Have some fun with your spring nail color by using this darling DIY set. Each of Dior’s three pretty pairings of two complementary shades comes with a dotter to affix spots to your base polish.

SEE: The Jungle Book
This remake of the Disney classic, based on the children’s tale by Rudyard Kipling, features truly unbelievable live-action animation. Put simply, it surpasses all previous cinematic uses of the technology. Additionally, some beloved actors voice the characters: Bill Murray as Baloo, Christopher Walken as King Louie, Ben Kingsley as Bagheera, and Idris Elba as the scary Shere Khan.

STREAM: My Mad Fat Diary on Hulu
Smart and irreverent, this British comedy-drama was a runaway hit across the pond for three seasons. Based on the real and really hilarious teen diary of writer Rae Earl, the series spins out of control like a madcap version of My So-Called Life, if Angela Chase had been brasher, brighter, bigger and madder.