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The Weekend Guide: March 11-13

Emmy the Great
HEAR: Second Love by Emmy the Great
Pop singer and songwriter Emma Lee Moss’s third album covers difficult emotional terrain, but this soul-stirring singer seems to skate on it with her honeyed voice. Occasionally the atmospheric album becomes aloof, yet songs like “Algorithm” and “Hyperlink” reduce love’s struggles to orchestrated abstractions that an indie-inclined audience would recognize as brilliant modern day similes.

READ: An Unrestored Woman: And Other Stories by Shobha Rao
Stories exploring the 1947 schism of India and Pakistan could seem as daunting as that contentious border. In Shobha Rao’s hands, however, we are immersed in the sympathetic lives of citizens arbitrarily controlled by the geo-political divisions of territory. Love is aborted, children lost, families separated, individuals left to their alien resources in paired stories set both in the diaspora and the domestic.

SEE: City of Gold
The prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold is an admired and imitated connoisseur of urban eats. It’s not an exaggeration to attribute to him our national predilections for food trucks, obscure ethnic foods and adventurous eating. This documentary follows the insatiable scribe around LA, a city that warmly embraces him and his enthusiasm for its citizens and their culinary ambitions.

WATCH: Margot vs. Lily
Juggling work, fitness, friends and family can take its toll on your sanity. Nike’s new eight-part web series features two sisters who swing to the opposite ends of that balance. Lily has a successful fitness YouTube channel, but her social life suffers. Margot is a popular slacker, whose career hasn’t blossomed. Follow them as they inject some competition in their efforts to better themselves, each other and their health.

SHOP: Venessa Arizaga headbands 
Wear your snacking weakness on your head. Select tuna maki rolls, donuts or butter cookies as your adornment. New York designer Venessa Arizona’s sweet accessories let you express your all your dining desires in a quirky, but ultimately pretty dang adorable, headpiece.