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The Wild, Healthy and Beautifully Natural Parisian Juice Spot Keeping PFW Going

One morning a few days back, someone heard us wishing aloud for a healthy, chic fueling station and suggested a Parisian juice cafe called Wild and the Moon. In lieu of making an actual note of it, I began following them on Instagram and promised myself to make time to follow up. By noon that day, the shop posted a picture of hands holding an aggressively healthy variation on lemonade and an orange liquid labeled “Instant Recovery.”

“FASHION WEEK ESSENTIALS,” the caption began. Now, we’re not roped in by all such claims, but this one felt real. We were outside the door within 24 hours.



All images by Jessa Carter

Does this exist in your hometown? A wholly vegetarian, gluten-free sanctuary where house-made almond milk is infused with the healing properties of turmeric and sweetened with dates? A menu that includes sprouted buckwheat granola, wild nori salad, raw chocolate spirulina truffles and ginger-spiked avocado toast?

Does your neighborhood spot make detox juice blends and serve them in a clear, airy space that feels like a botanical garden, a wellness spa and an issue of Cereal magazine cross-pollinated?




Even if the answer is yes, you’ll still be wowed by New York–born Emma Sawko’s not-quite-one-year-old paradise. The proof’s in the tastemaker’s text reply; we sent Olivia a note after we sat down with our pile of goods.

“Omg. Have you been to Wild and the Moon?”

“So good – I love that place,” she replied immediately.

It really is. We hope you get a chance to see for yourself sometime soon.






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—Laura Cassidy