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Throwback Thursday: 1988? More Like Nineteen Eighty-Great


Image above: 1988; below: 2016

Scanning the archives, we could not help but notice our 1988 Anniversary Sale catalog was full of fashion and styling that holds up today. Living in the sartorial past may not be your thing–totally valid if that’s how you feel–but if you’re open to it, 1988 is a rich time to explore.

SHOP: Vintage 1946 chinos | Baldwin wool trousers (these are cropped already–buy them huge if you want to roll them) | Levi’s jeans (especially check out the 501 CT) | Comme des Garçons striped shirtdenim jackets | leather jackets | cardigans | turtlenecksplaid pants | Vans | Paul Smith plain toe derby

For example, the wide-brim hatdefinitely happening now. Denim jackets underneath a topcoat? Doing that. Plaid pants? Yes–if you’re the rapper MadeinTYO, you style them with a hoodie and a pair of Vans. If you’re Tyler, the Creator, you also go with Vans, plus a cardigan and double-breasted jacket. Shall we go on?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the increased popularity of rolling up one’s pants. Maybe you’ve also noticed men aren’t worried anymore about showing their white athletic socks, even when worn with unexpected pairings like like a loafer or a derby. That was clearly the case in 1988. And it’s cool now. Go for it.

In general, the image above looks current because oversize clothes are coming back. And again, you don’t need engage with this look; it’s definitely not for everyone. But if you want to go baggy, you easily can make that happen for yourself by doing it like we used to back in the day: buy a bigger size than you need. Get the volume you desire and have fun out there. Style yourself like our catalog from 1988.

Or like October 2016’s Popeye magazine: