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Throwback Thursday: Considering the Overcoat


This image from our 1991 holiday catalog shows five coats cut at waist level. You’ll notice one other coat, the second one from the left, goes much lower. If you’re looking at that brown, single-breasted overcoat and thinking, “dang, he looks pretty cool…” well, then:

1.) You’re right.

2.) It’s time to browse our selection of overcoats and trenches.

This is the season for three-quarter and full-length coats. Once associated with dressing up, over the years the overcoat has gone from formal to normal. Consider it a versatile piece you can wear everyday, dressed down with a t-shirt or a hoodie (you’ve probably seen Drake do that), over jeans and a button-up (as in our catalog image), or you can kick it old school and wear one with a suit. A classic look.

Whether you needed a reminder to break out your longer coats or are considering buying your first of this style, we hope you enjoy the style and the warmth. As well as the gravitas which comes with adding subtle structure to your shoulders and chest.

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