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To Get Party Ready Just Add a Cocktail to Your Cinq à Sept Dress

Tucked into the Gramercy Park Hotel lobby, amid Richard Prince, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Damien Hirst artworks, furniture designed by artist Julian Schnabel and luscious silk velvet derived from an oenologist’s palette, is the Rose Bar. On a recent evening this summer, the bar’s sensual atmosphere was further amplified by a fashion show and cocktail hour hosted by the label Cinq à Sept. As models meandered among champagne-sipping partiers, Cinq à Sept founder Jane Siskin spoke about her fall collection and dispensed some truly great style advice.

Cinq a Sept at the Rose Bar

What was the genesis of Cinq à Sept?

We knew that the customer shops for occasions, and generally speaking, women want to look and feel pretty. So that was the baseline for the brand. Cinq à Sept—“five to seven” in French—came from that beautiful time of day when the light changes and anything can happen; it’s that perfect time of day.

We’ve had tremendous support for the brand from retailers and customers like Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Obama; Malia Obama wore our dress the night of Barack Obama’s farewell address, which was really a big moment for me. We span all generations.

Cinq a Sept at the Rose Bar

What most excites you about your fall collection?

Our beautiful selection of prints, our really beautiful use of trims and our soft silhouettes. There’s a leather jacket I’m really excited about. There’s an embroidered legging. There are just so many great things that I love!


What would be the one piece of style advice you’d like to give every woman?

It would be to be yourself. Be true to your own style. Take some chances. Taking risks is harmless. No one is ever going to call you out for reaching a little bit. Color, color, color. Everything doesn’t need to be black—have the confidence to wear color like it’s black.


What most excites you about the future of fashion?

What I’m most excited about in fashion is that in this time when anything goes, it really gives people a chance to self express. If you can find your lane and your own look, it’s really exciting having the opportunity to buy something that fits your look. There’s so much going on: every decade is relevant, every color is relevant, every print is relevant, every silhouette is relevant. What we choose to do is make it pretty and sexy and appealing, but there’s lots of ways to style and a lot of other brands. It’s really a good time in terms of possibilities.

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