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Treasure & Bond x Something Navy: Our Chat with Blogger Arielle Noa Charnas

For fall 2017, our in-house label Treasure & Bond joined forces with Something Navy fashion blogger Arielle Noa Charnas for an exclusive new collection. It’s an ideal pairing for many reasons, one of which is that Treasure & Bond donates 2.5% of sales to organizations that empower youth —a cause that appeals to Arielle more than ever since the birth of her daughter, Ruby.

We chatted with Arielle at her sunny new home, close to a park where she likes to take Ruby after trips to Shake Shack. These play dates come at the end of Arielle’s days spent styling outfits, taking photographs and, now, designing clothes.

Something Navy's Arielle Noa Charnas

Sitting on her raspberry-colored sofa, Arielle enthuses about her experience teaming up with Treasure & Bond, known for its casual-cool aesthetic. In the new line, she channels her luxurious, feminine style—but with a democratic intent. “I wanted to do this because a lot of the things girls see models and bloggers wearing are a little unobtainable. A lot of the time they’re really expensive, amazing designer pieces,” she explains.

Not that Arielle doesn’t love her Gucci purses and other designer splurges—she’s just great at mixing them with low-key staples. Through the success of her site, social accounts (she has 1 million Instagram followers) and new venture, Arielle’s personal style extends to her readers. “I wanted to make desirable pieces but at a great price point so that my girls can actually buy them,” she says. (She affectionately refers to her readers as “my girls.”)

Something Navy's Arielle Noa Charnas

“A lot of the pieces are based on everyday basics, but with a bit of an edge,” she says. “They can be styled together, which is really important to me.” Her designs include miniskirts, skinny pants and detailed blouses that readers familiar with Something Navy will recognize as classic Arielle. Like the inspiration behind it, the line feels romantic yet urban.

Manhattan is as much a subject of Arielle’s blog as her fashion choices. She’s often pictured in booties and leather jackets, racing past the yellow cabs that dot the city’s streets. ‘New Yorker’ is how she defines both herself (she grew up on Long Island) and her style. “I was born and raised here. It’s all I know,” she says. “But for me, when I think of a New Yorker’s style, it’s not a specific look. You see so many styles in the city.”

Something Navy's Arielle Noa Charnas

With that in mind, expect to see something for everyone in this collection. Think slouchy boots, bell-sleeved button-ups and faux-fur coats—all perfect for a fall city uniform, no matter the city. “They’re supposed to look very effortless,” she says of the styles. “You can wear them with a lot of things already in your closet.” Easy style is Arielle’s mantra, and her assistant Nikki attests, “She works so much better when she just grabs stuff and puts it on, as opposed to putting an hour into thinking about outfits.” Arielle concedes that’s probably true—and it’s certainly how most women dress. “I feel like, as I’m getting older, I’m taming my look down a bit. I’m not as eclectic. I feel like I’m not wearing minidresses as much anymore and my go-tos are pants and T-shirts instead.”

Her priorities have also shifted to her daughter and home. “I had to shut down on clothes shopping to save up for apartment stuff.” Maybe she’ll branch out into home décor? “I’m terrible with interior decorating—my friend is helping me with that. I love fashion. I think I have a good eye when it comes to fashion.”

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