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Treasure&Bond Purchases Give to Big Brothers Big Sisters this Holiday

We all know the holidays are a time for giving. But it’s pretty clear, from the countless commercials that start in October, this season is also about shopping and spending, sometimes a lot. Finding a personal and financial balance can be something of a struggle. Fortunately, this year, Treasure&Bond is making it a little easier to feel good about the gifts you give others–and yourself–with their latest giveback partnership.

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Photos by Manuela Insixiengmay

Continuing the brand’s tradition of philanthropy, this season the Americana clothier is donating 2.5% of net sales to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. It’s nice to feel wholesome about the holidays–perhaps especially this year–and not only is Treasure&Bond’s impeccably crafted collection of casual clothes the perfect uniform for a household gathering of you and yours, but through January the label is also helping to foster bonds in communities. That’s pretty great.

Treasure & Bond Leather Jacket

Pam Iorio, President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, told us: “These partnerships are very important; they help build awareness for our work. When customers see a Nordstrom and Big Brothers Big Sisters partnership, they have confidence in it because they respect both institutions.”

Treasure & Bond

Treasure&Bond’s contribution to BBBS will go directly to affiliate programs across the country to aid in matching adults (they call them “Bigs”) with a child in need of mentorship (a “Little”); those programs are the primary purpose of the organization. “As we enter into the holiday time, you think about gifts,” says Iorio, “but the greatest gift you can give is the gift of time. Most of us have had a mentor in our lives, someone who has taken extra interest in us. So when you think about the holiday season, what better thing to give than to foster one of those one-on-one relationships?”

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We spoke with several folks at Treasure&Bond, as well, about the importance of this partnership and what styles we can be shopping this holiday season to take part in the giveback.

“We’ve partnered with many great organizations,” says Brand Manager Corinne Snedeker. “We started with Girls on the Run, then Girls Inc. and The Boys and Girls Club. Now we’re partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. As of this year we’ve given back $735,000 to youth empowerment. It’s really exciting.”

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Design director Sadie Tapper explains that the giveback program is geared toward customers’ interests: “From the beginning when we launched Treasure&Bond the brand we carried on the philanthropic values that they had in the Treasure&Bond store in Soho,” she says. “Knowing that our customer really cares about her community and giving back, this was just a way to connect with her and make her feel good about the product.”

Speaking to and interacting with shoppers is what informs the brand’s process for vetting charities. It’s been clear from those conversations that Treasure&Bond customers care strongly about youth programs and the environment. As part of the Nordstrom Product Group, Treasure&Bond not only supports youth groups, but carefully adheres to the company’s environmental practices for manufacturing. “We do a fair bit of the line, especially our knits, domestically,” says Tapper. “I love that part because it cuts back on our carbon footprint quite a bit. And the factories we use overseas are vetted very strictly to meet Nordstrom’s standards. We have some of the best working conditions over there. The approval for our factories is quite extensive.”

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And what to shop for from the Treasure&Bond holiday collection? There really is so much to love beyond the brand’s social consciousness. For the holiday season, they’ve presented some dress-up options in the form of pretty dotted blouses, vintage denim styles and crystal heirloom-inspired jewelry. “For holiday we injected some of the romantic trend that’s going on. We took the key borrowed-from-the boys staples that Treasure&Bond loves—denim, leather jackets, plaid shirts—but we injected historical elements into them,” said Tapper.

Treasure & Bond

And for your holiday parties? Treasure&Bond has some celebratory surprises. “Another thing I’m really excited about for holiday is how she’s wearing it: plaid shirts and jeans, but taking some of the great Treasure&Bond jewelry and putting some of those more glam pieces back to it to dress up her holiday look. We also worked really hard on the button placements of these styles because the way to wear these pieces now is to show little lacy bralettes and lingerie pieces under them.”

Now that you’ve got your outfits squared away, what to buy for gifts? “The leather moto jacket, that’s an amazing gift to give someone, a generous gift. And the chunky marled sweater,” advises Tapper. There are also sweet sweater dresses, mini moto jackets and soft jeans for the kids.

But if you want to take Pam Iorio’s advice and give time, you can sign up to be a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters with your local organization online. “Go to the national site, and look up the local affiliate by zip code,” says Iorio. “Mention that you’d like to be considered for a “Big.”” After that, candidates go through a screening process. “To be a mentor you don’t have to teach or be in a certain occupation,” says Iorio. “Mentoring is for anyone who is a caring adult who will take an interest in the life of a child. We really ask for your time.”

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