Try This On: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Topshop, Rag & Bone and More for Holiday Parties

Studies show shopping is at least twelve times more fun en masse. Our Try This On series is all about the camaraderie of sartorial group projects.

rag & bone Cardigan | Topshop Sweater | MARC BY MARC JACOBS Jeans | Berry Jewel Necklace Infinity Scarf | Topshop Rhinestone Earrings | Christian Louboutin Heels (for this pair call 206.628.2111)

Party season, storm season: The two sure aren’t mutually exclusive. Depending on where you live, going out for a good time can be a heck of a battle, but neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can keep Seattle-based dancer and choreographer Kisha Vaughan down. Not with these looks in the mix.

“Sweaters will be the death of me,” Vaughan told us. “I keep saying, ‘Stop with the cardigans!'”

We do love a good challenge, so of course we hit the floor and grabbed a bunch of knits, just to see if we could change the Macklorette cofounder’s mind. We went for a blinged-out casual look with a mix of patterns and motifs, and managed to nudge Vaughan out of her comfort zone.

Her verdict on the pink-striped boyfriends and the cozy layers: “Happy face with heart eyes!”

“Jeans have been a love/hate relationship as long as I can remember. With long legs and a backside—first world problems—finding the right fit is challenging, but I mean you gotta do it. If you’re dropping more than $200 on denim, they better fit like a glove.”

Okay, but let’s get meta. We asked the mom of two how she likes to approach cocktail and party attire in the city where 50 Shades of Grey is not a work of fiction.

“I think in my twenties I was prone to hitting the streets with no coat because I didn’t want to be bothered carrying it around all night,” she told us. “I wanted to prance in my outfit, hopping from spot to spot freezing my buns off. Now I feel like I want to wear my coat all night long! I love having a variety of cool coats that I want to be seen in. With a bit of flair on top, you can be kind of casual underneath. It’s like wearing no makeup but your eyebrows are waxed!”

Talk about a say-no-more moment.

Tibi Crop Top (worn over Vaughan’s own tee) | Tildon Sequin Pencil Skirt | Helene Berman Wool Blend Coat | kate spade new york Necklaces | Sneakers, Vaughan’s own

Just add some black tights and a heel—or, wait—maybe just stay in those Nikes?

Finally, we flipped the flair-on-top equation and put our girl in the coolest culottes we could find, and then evened things out with some faded denim.

Topshop Faux-Shearling-Collar Denim Jacket (worn over Vaughan’s own tee | Nordstrom Collection Cashmere Wrap Scarf | Tibi Silk Culottes | Bracelet, Vaughan’s own

“When I take the time to try things on I am so glad that I did,” Vaughan told us, echoing what our Personal Stylists know is true—no matter the weather, the season, or what the weekend has in store.

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Styled by blogs editor Laura Cassidy
Photographed at Downtown Seattle Nordstrom in the Personal Styling Dressing Rooms
Images by Elizabeth Rudge