We’re Celebrating Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

It’s Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, and, as with the other heritage months we’ve marked, we’re celebrating the many unique and diverse people who make up the communities we serve. We asked our employees around the country to tell us who inspires and influences them the most as they commemorate this month. Their responses highlight just a few of the many extraordinary people who remind us what this heritage month is all about.

“Li Na inspires me because she challenges the notion in professional tennis that one’s career begins to decline after 30—when she rose to #3 in the world and inspired millions in her native country of China.”

“I’m inspired by Duke Kahanamoku because of all that he accomplished. Not only was he a five-time Olympic medalist in swimming, he also spread and helped to popularize the sport of surfing.”

“I am inspired by the Men of Steel. My mom worked for the railroad all her life and bought me a book that told the story of thousands of Chinese men that built this country’s first coast-to-coast railroad, while facing a lot of discrimination from men who would not do the job. I’ve never forgotten them and their contribution to our country.”

“As an Asian American and as a woman, Lucy Liu has achieved a successful career in Hollywood and has stayed a humble individual who reaches out to help the community. She was an ambassador for UNICEF, traveling to Pakistan and many third-world countries as a result, and has become a spokeswoman for human rights. She’s also been awarded an Asian Excellence Award for visibility.”

“Mindy Kaling is the first South Asian American to star in her very own TV show. In addition to being an actress, she is also an author, a director and a Dartmouth graduate. She inspires me because she advocates for women to be well educated and to work hard to reach their goals, all while maintaining a sense of humor.”

“Vera Wang’s inspires me because of her unique vision, and she’s a woman who has broken the boundaries of fashion… an entrepreneurial leader!”

“His Holiness the Dalai Lama inspires me because he is so full of knowledge but does not pass judgment toward anyone. If more people followed his teachings, the world would be a much better place.”