We’re Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month and, as with the other heritage months we’ve marked, we’re celebrating the many unique and diverse people who make up the communities we serve. We asked our employees around the country to tell us who inspires and influences them the most as they commemorate this month. Their responses highlight just a few of the many extraordinary people who remind us what this heritage month is all about.

“Gabo inspires me because he is one of history’s most celebrated Latino writers and won a Nobel Prize in Literature. Even though he wrote in Spanish, his work has been translated into dozens of languages.”


“Brook is one of the few Latino NBA superstars, and he does a lot for the Brooklyn community!”

“Shakira is confident and powerful. She rocks her femininity and independence! She is a great role model for all women.”

“Eva Longoria inspires me because of her great sense of style.”

“Diego Rivera inspires me because he used art to inspire a social movement.”

“Selena inspires me because she opened the door for Latina artists in the United States.”