We’re Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and, as with the other heritage months we’ve marked, we’re celebrating the many unique and diverse people who make up the communities we serve. We asked our employees around the country to tell us who inspires and influences them the most as they commemorate this month. Their responses highlight just a few of the many extraordinary people who remind us what this heritage month is all about.

“Félix Hernández, pitcher for the Seattle Mariners and Cy Young Winner, inspires me to keep working toward my dreams every day and to never forget that with hard work, heart and determination, anything is possible.”

“Shakira inspired me to love the Spanish language and study abroad to learn it.”

“I’m inspired by Cesar Chavez because he was a champion for Latino-American civil rights. He showed great passion for doing the right thing for others and promoted nonviolence. His perseverance for fair practices led him to co-found the National Farm Workers Association, which later became the United Farm Workers Union.”

“I’m inspired by Chita Rivera. In my opinion, Chita was one of the first triple-threat Latina entertainers in old Hollywood. An original diva.”

“Frida Kahlo inspires me because she is the most prominent female Mexican artist in history. I grew up learning about and loving the work of Frida!”

To see even more of our employees and their inspirations, follow your favorite Nordstrom store Facebook page, where we’ll be sharing more photos just like these throughout Hispanic Heritage Month.