We’re Celebrating Pride Month

June is Pride Month and, as with the other heritage months we’ve marked, we’re celebrating the many unique and diverse people who make up the communities we serve. We asked our employees around the country to share with us the names of people who inspire and influence them the most as they honor the LGBT community. Their responses highlight just a few of the many extraordinary people who remind us what this month is all about.

“Harvey Milk inspires me because he lived his life bringing hope and faith into our community—fighting for the freedom and rights of those not being heard.”

“Marc Jacobs is so creative, and he inspires me to assist others in looking their best. I like to know that I can change a client’s perspective of fashion simply by helping to expand their personal barriers, whether it’s by introducing a pair of shoes, a tie or a T-shirt.”

“It takes a lot of courage to be who you are without worrying about what others think of you. As one of the first openly gay athletes in the North American pro sports leagues, Jason is an inspiration to be true to yourself.”

“Anderson Cooper gives a voice and face to the LGBT community. As a respected journalist, author and television personality, he gives strength to others. He is proud and has inspired me to follow my dreams.”

“RuPaul is inspiring because he has been able to create a living by doing something he loves and by inspiring others to love who they are inside and out. My favorite RuPaul quote is: ‘When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do.’ He proves that being a part of the gay community does not mean you cannot do what is in your heart.”


Jayden is a 5-year-old who set up a lemonade stand called “Pink Lemonade for Peace” at the Equality House in Topeka, Kansas. Jayden and her father, Jon Sink, were able to raise more than $23,000, which will all go toward Equality House’s anti-bullying initiatives. Jayden inspires me because at just 5 years old, she stood up for something she believed in—and inspired others to do the same.