We’re Celebrating Pride Month

June is Pride Month, and, as with the other heritage months we’ve marked, we’re celebrating the many unique and diverse people who make up the communities we serve. We asked our employees around the country to share who inspires and influences them the most as they commemorate this month. Their responses highlight just a few of the many extraordinary people who remind us what this heritage month is all about.


“Marc Jacobs is the ultimate fashion chameleon and influencer!”

“Harvey Milk never apologized for who he was and he fought to pave the way for gay rights. He never gave up, never backed down and never stopped speaking out for what he believed in.”

“Ellen is one of the most philanthropic celebrities and I LOVE that about her!”

“I’m inspired by Billie Jean King for being a pioneer for social justice and equality.”

“My sister Kelly has always lived her life as herself, with no apologies for who she is and who she loves. Her heart and dedication helped give me the strength to come out and live my life to the fullest as an openly gay man.”

To see even more of our employees and their inspirations, follow your favorite Nordstrom store Facebook page, where we’ll be sharing more photos just like these throughout Pride Month.