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What Olivia Kim Did at New York Fashion Week, Plus Her Favorite NYC Places

In the frenzy that is Fashion Week, it’s always a sweet relief to bump into a friendly face—if you’re lucky, even a friend. So, when we ran into Nordstrom VP of Creative Projects and curator of our Pop-In shop and SPACE, Olivia Kim, we couldn’t wait to catch up on what she’d been seeing and doing with her time in the Big Apple. She obliged. We chatted about our favorite shows. And, bonus: she gave us some tips on where to eat, hang out and shop around the city.

What are you doing in New York? 

Well, I’m here for New York Fashion Week, going to some friends’ shows and presentations, buying stuff for SPACE, meetings, scouting for SPACE Lab. Also celebrating my brother’s and sister’s birthdays. Snuggling Spy!

Olivia Kim at New York Fashion Week Spring 2018

How long are you visiting?

This is a super-short trip; I’m only here for four days.

Where are some of your favorite places to hang out in the city? Do you have a favorite neighborhood?

I always stop at Dover Street Market. It’s my favorite store in NYC. I love the Odeon; it’s my favorite restaurant. Very old-school New York. It’s where the cast of SNL used to go when they finished filming. Nothing fancy, but it’s awesome.

I live north of SoHo, by Greenwich Village, where there are so many good cafes and coffee spots I love to go to. Oh, and I walk Spy to Washington Square dog park every day. I love going to Rockaway Beach. I actually went surfing out there the other day. There are cute little taco stands that stay open through October, which is really nice!

Olivia Kim with Caroline Issa at New York Fashion Week Spring 2018

Olivia Kim with Tank Magazine Executive Fashion Director Caroline Issa

Who will you be seeing? Why is that exciting?

I’m excited mostly to see and reconnect with friends. One of my favorite things about Fashion Week in any city is that it’s a reason to congregate and get together in one place. It’s so nice to be able to see and have coffee and catch up, especially with some of my international friends.

What do you miss most about living in New York?

The fact that at any given moment you can bump into somebody on the street and just have a really organic, creative conversation. You’re easily inspired by people you didn’t plan on meeting. In other places you’re always in your car. This is very specific to New York.

Olivia Kim at New York Fashion Week Spring 2018

What’s your go-to look for Fashion Week?

I’m always about comfort. Especially since I’m usually running from show to meeting to presentation. For me, being at a fashion show at 9am decked out is not my vibe.

Of shows you went to, which were your favorites? 

Colovos, Sies Marjan, Eckhaus Latta.

Where are you off to next?


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