SPACE Designers Talk Summer Capsule Exclusives and Cool, Cool Summers

Two of our favorite words: Exclusive and Summer. And while technically speaking we can’t quite claim the latter just yet, today marks the kickoff of an only-available-here capsule collection from some of the most exciting emerging designers at SPACE.

A Marques’Almeida look from the exclusive SPACE capsule collection for summer

Aimed at outfitting your hot city nights as well as your getaway adventures, the collection features pieces made especially for us from Ashley Williams, Marques’Almeida, Simon Miller and more.

Inspired by their take on summertime fun, we chatted with some of our favorite SPACE designers about the season—past, present and future.


Ashley Williams and a friend on holiday

ON WHAT INSPIRED THE PIECES IN THE EXCLUSIVE SPACE CAPSULE: When I go on holiday I don’t like to wear “holiday clothes”; I still like to dress like me but just adapt my style to suit the temperature. With this capsule, I wanted to go with basics you can wear in summer and winter—but with a summer spirit front of mind.

FAVORITE SUMMER JAM: “Albatross” by Fleetwood Mac makes me think of going on holiday.


FAVORITE SUMMER MEMORY: My friend moved to L.A. about six years ago, and I go and stay with her a couple of times a year. Whenever I’m there, I have the best time ever!


Mona Jensen, TOM WOOD

Mona Jensen during a Nordic summer

ON HOW SHE IMAGINES HER NEW EYEWEAR LINE OUT IN THE WORLD: Driving a cabriolet along the coastline of California, playing the guitar at a small beach party in Tulum, Mexico, or just chilling with a beer in Thailand.

FAVORITE SUMMER CITY: I believe Barcelona might be the city with the best summer vibe. It’s only a few hours from my home in Norway and has got it all: culture, shopping, great food and a long stretch of white sand minutes away from downtown.

FAVORITE SUMMER MEMORY: When I was still young, living at home, my sister and I would have parties when our parents were away. A lot of friends stopped by after the nightclubs were closed; they were not crazy parties, just good times with nice people. I remember the day before my parents came home, the house was all back to normal, but we had been drinking all my father’s homemade wine during the week and that was hard to explain. My parents still live in the same house just steps from the ocean, and we always had a great time together watching the sun rise in the morning.


Vejas Kruszewski, VEJAS 

Little Vejas, summer past

ON HIS EXCLUSIVE SPACE CAPSULE PIECES: I see these pieces being worn on an everyday level, going for a walk and running errands, with a big sun hat. I’m not precious about clothes, so I think it’s the most fun to just dress up for regular things.

FAVORITE SUMMER JAMS: “All the Way Down” by Kelela and “Alice” by the Cocteau Twins.

FAVORITE SUMMER MOVIE: The Talented Mr. Ripley and Stealing Beauty.




Simone Rocha, letting her hair down

FAVORITE SUMMER JAMS: For relaxing during the day, something by Hank Williams; for night, it would be Drake, “Hotline Bling.”

FAVORITE SUMMER MOVIE: In the Mood for Love.

FAVORITE SUMMER MEMORY: Being with friends and family in the sunshine.



Sophie Buhai with a giant aloe vera plant

ON SUMMER IN THE CITY: Summer in L.A. is basically year-round, so it’s easy to take it for granted. It’s all about pool culture—you need a friend with a pool. I plan to spend several afternoons each week by a pool during the summer. That is the ultimate goal. It’s not uncommon in L.A. to have a business meeting poolside. It’s completely professional actually! L.A. is a great place to work in the summer. I also love to get away. I go back East every summer to visit friends in Bellport and Orient, New York. I also love East Coast beaches. Nothing beats that East Coast beach style: loafers with shorts and a bathing suit? You don’t see that in L.A.

FAVORITE SUMMER JAM: We listen to a lot of reggae in the summer.

ON INSPIRATION FOR THE CAPSULE: I was thinking about places I love to travel to: Greece, Mexico, the Southwest. They all share a certain simplicity. I associate all those places with warm weather and easy, casual yet artistic dressing.



Simon Miller’s Daniel Corrigan and Chelsea Hansford, chillin’

ON WHAT INSPIRED THE PIECES IN THE EXCLUSIVE SPACE CAPSULE: Chelsea always wore denim shorts and denim skirts with a T-shirt, growing up in the summer.

FAVORITE SUMMERTIME PLACES: (Chelsea) I love New York’s city vibe by week, but you definitely need to get out to cool off; it’s hot hot. New York has access to amazing weekend spots: my favorites are Phoenicia or Hunter/Windham in the Catskill Mountains. I drive up there with my dog and husband almost every weekend to go hiking, chill by swimming holes, cook, make campfires. I’m obsessed with nature—in particular mountains, so that’s really my recharge place. I also go up to the Finger Lakes in New York, where I was born, and spend a week every summer with my extended family. (Dan) I grew up in a small town in Washington, so I enjoy being out of the city. It’s very relaxing for me. I’ll do quick camping trips throughout the summer. I love going to Joshua Tree. Summer is always a little crazy with work and traveling.

FAVORITE SUMMER JAMS: (Chelsea) Something from Creedence Clearwater Revival; (Dan) “Can I Kick It?” by A Tribe Called Quest.

FAVORITE SUMMER MOVIE: (Chelsea) Dazed and Confused; (Dan) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

FAVORITE SUMMER MEMORY: Being with friends and family in the sunshine.

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—Laura Cassidy