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What Street-Style Photographer Crystal Nicodemus Brings to Fashion Week

Never has the trope “Tough job, but someone’s gotta do it” seemed as oddly apt as it does right now. On one hand, I’m counting the days until New York Fashion Week kicks off—two weeks to go!—while on the other, I’m frozen just thinking about it all. And then I think of Crystal.

We’re lucky enough to count street-style photographer Crystal Nicodemus among our contributors; each Fashion Week she’s out there documenting the trends, the scene and the best-dressed players. And when we say “out there,” we mean out there. You can’t report on emerging street trends from inside a cozy coffee shop. Let’s let her tell it like it is—and like it’s going to be, as the next round of runways and real ways approaches…

“Fashion Week is a bit of a misnomer,” says the Portland, Oregon-based trend-watcher. “It’s actually a full month of chaos, clothes and, most importantly, inspiration. While my schedule is grueling and the weather almost never cooperates, it’s hard to complain about jetting off to Milan or taking an éclair break in Paris. Packing for such an adventure, however, is incredibly hard! How does one prepare for the most fashionable month of the year when it’s also the coldest month? While everyone assumes I attend glamorous shows and fancy parties, the truth is that I work outside in the cold among the crowds. I have to prepare for a Fashion Week battle, not a dress-up party… Alas!”

“My suitcase is full of leggings, thermals, wool socks, heavy sweaters and warm hats. I aim to protect myself from the elements, while maintaining a level of comfortable chic. Dark neutrals are my go-to palette (they go with everything and hide all manner of coffee spills, mud splatter and such). Wool trousers paired with mohair turtlenecks or chunky knits and a sturdy pair of leather boots is my uniform. While I sometimes wish I could pack stilettos and a sleek dress, once that frozen air hits my face I appreciate all my cozy layers. Here’s to yet another exciting season…. See you all in snowy New York!”

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—Laura Cassidy